• Black Lodge - MWR157 - Out Of Joint Records

    Black Lodge - MWR157

    Cat No: ARC13 An archival release here from the brilliant Warp offshoot Arcola. Black Lodge’s electro jam ‘Hotline’ was originally scheduled for release in the early 2000s by Mo’ Wax, but with the label closing the track has been sat in limbo ever since. Now the Mancunian producer has dusted off ‘Hotline’, along with five other synchronous productions, for MWR157. This is a collection of odd and strangely misleading jams that take in many of the trends of the time, from the clunky beatwork of J Dilla to ‘Mo Wax 4’s clanging garage shuffle.

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  • Bone Head - Soft Power EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Bone Head - Soft Power EP

    Cat No: ARC15 As a member of darkwave group Dva Damas, and as a dub techno producer affiliated with Berlin based imprint Frozen Border, Los Angeles artist Joe Cocherell exercises the darker side of his musical interests. Soft Power, the latest release from Warp sublabel Arcola, plays with hard and soft sounds and aesthetics within one project. The EP takes its influences from early 00's Dubstep, industrial Techno and Youtube rips of Grime. All mutated into Joe's own sonically unique sound and style.

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  • Ethiopian Records - Ye Feqer Edaye / የፍቅር እዳዬ - Out Of Joint Records

    Ethiopian Records - Ye Feqer Edaye / የፍቅር እዳዬ

    Cat No: ARC08 Ethiopian Records is a truly boundary-pushing artist both in his homeland of Ethiopia and also widely regarded across the left of centre techno underground. On Ye Feqer Edaye / የፍቅር እዳዬ, E.R. displays a freshly cooked up and super sharp-shooter mix of traditional rhythms inspired by Ethiopian Afar and Tembe patterns coupled with a heavy euphoric dark feel for rhythm and texture.

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  • Lukid - Drip - Out Of Joint Records

    Lukid - Drip

    Cat No: ARC18 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Lukid - Drip A2. Lukid - Head Shrinker B1. Lukid - The Clappers B2. Lukid - Conked Out Warp sub-label Arcola's latest offering comes from Glum Records bossman Lukid. His first release since 2017's 'Twisted Blood', 'Drip' is some of his most accomplished and experimental work to date, drawing upon elements of grime, techno, tape electronics and UK bass without ever really sounding like any of them. Uncomfortably weird and wonderful work that is both curious and attractive. Highly Recommended!

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  • Our Souls Are In The Hands Of The Translator - sɪŋkrɪtɪzəm - Out Of Joint Records

    Our Souls Are In The Hands Of The Translator - sɪŋkrɪtɪzəm

    Cat No: ARC11 Dark experimental dance tracks by Jamal Moss on Warp sub-label Arcola. On sɪŋkrɪtɪzəm, Jamal dials in an astonishingly colourful and psychedelic two parts featuring some of the craftiest drum programming and psychoactive offerings in his entire catalogue, landing somewhere between his Strange Strings classic and the guttural drum functions of his Gherkin Life jags. Great Stuff!

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  • Primitive Art - Crab Suite - Out Of Joint Records

    Primitive Art - Crab Suite

    Cat No: ARC09 Primitive Art arrives on Arcola with Crab Suite, a new EP that sets out to explore otherworldly territories through four apocalyptic-dub transmissions that share psychic space with the work of Shackleton, Basic Channel, M.E.S.H. and Raime.

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  • The Doubtful Guest - Voyage to Blacklantis - Out Of Joint Records

    The Doubtful Guest - Voyage to Blacklantis

    Cat No: ARC10 The Doubtful Guest resurfaces following a decade of silence since her tear-out jungle/gabba LP Acid Sauna was released on Planet Mu circa 2008, Voyage To Blacklantis finds the elusive producer crossing into new worlds that resembles a cross between the aquatic exploration of Drexciya and the mid 90's ghost in the machine ambience of the Coil vs ELpH project. The entire recording was written while channelling the underwater currents that surround London's New River Studios.

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