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FFF & Coco Bryce - Falling In Love (Repress)

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Cat No: LUV02

Format: 12" Vinyl Repress


A1. FFF - Never Let You Fall

B1.  Coco Bryce - Lovin U

Repress of FFF & Coco Bryce's undeniably killer "Falling In Love". “Never Let You Fall” from FFF kicks off the record. Moody synth riffs blended with uplifting reggae vocals, create an alienating yet strangely attractive combination, before steering into Amen destruction mayhem. On the flip Coco Bryce's future classic “Lovin U” is probably best described as a "love song for the heads", not necessarily aimed at the dancefloor, but with ultra low bass frequencies that are sure to rattle the subs of any soundsystem. Essential Junglist material.