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STONETAPES003 - Lucid Dreams

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Format: 12" Vinyl


A1. Stone’s Throw

A2. Black Tar (ft. Manuela Marchis)

A3. Doppelgänger

B1. Totemism

B2. Intuition

B3. Hallucinogenics

Lucid Dreams is the self-titled, new project from Jason Luxton aka Overlook, which also features close friends Dean Warburton, Joe Theobald & the vocal talents of Manuela Marchis.
With Shades of post-punk, trip-hop and film score dynamics, The Lucid Dreams EP is an immersive multi-genre listening experience that travels through murky underworlds and dream-like hazes.

From 'Stone's Throw' to 'Hallucinogenics' the ‘Lucid Dreams’ EP plays more like an LP, with a narrative amalgamating the different moods created by Luxton to present something that feels clear and complete in its vision.