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Beatrice Dillon - Workaround


Cat No: PAN106

Format: 12" Vinyl LP. Sleeve housed inside a frosted orange PVC outer.

Released: 10.02.2020


1.Workaround One

2.Workaround Two

3.Workaround Three

4.Workaround Four

5.Workaround Five

6.Clouds Strum

7.Workaround Six

8.Workaround Seven

9.Workaround Eight

10.Workaround Nine

11.Square Fifths

12.Workaround Bass


14.Workaround Ten

‘Workaround’ is the lucidly playful and ambitious solo debut album by rhythm-obsessive musician and DJ, Beatrice Dillon for PAN. It combines her love of UK club music’s syncopated suss and Afro- Caribbeaninfluences with a gamely experimental approach to modern composition and stylistic fusion, using inventivesampling and luminous mixing techniques adapted from modern pop to express fresh ideas about groove-driven music and perpetuate its form with timeless, future-proofed clarity.

Featuring contributions from Kuljit Bhamra, Laurel Halo, Batu, Untold,Kadialy Kouyate, Jonny Lam, Verity Susman, Kenichi Iwasa, Lucy Railton,Petter Eldh, James Rand and Morgan Buckley.