• Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)

    Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)

    Excellent club-ready three tracker of clattering breakbeats, turbo basslines and belting rave stabs from Anz for Hessle Audio. Essential dancefloor weaponry. Get on a gary mission! Label: Hessle Audio Cat No: HES038 Forat: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Breakbeat Released: 4th September 2020 Tracklist: A1. Loos In Twos (NRG) B1. Gary Mission B2. Stepper anz · anz - loos in twos (NRG) | HES038

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  • Pearson Sound - Alien Mode

    Pearson Sound - Alien Mode

    Don't worry you're not losing your mind, we have just had two massive new Hessle Audio releases land at once. And while Pearson Sound may beg to differ on track "Alien Mode" were keeping it together and cranking the volume. This one's packed with three mind-melting, breakbeat heaters that'll tear any dancefloor apart. Essential! Label: Hessle Audio Cat No: HES037 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / House Released: 13th July 2020 Tracklist: A1. Alien Mode B1. Cobwebs B2. Everything Is Inside Out

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  • Pangaea - Bone Sucka

    Pangaea - Bone Sucka

    Repress of Pangaea's club weapon double hitter - "Bone Sucka" Pangaea returns to his Hessle Audio label for the first time since his debut LP 'In Drum Play', with two club tracks exploring different textures and designed for impact. Label: Hessle Audio Cat No: HES033 Format: 12" Vinyl Repress Genre: Techno / Breakbeat Released: 2nd March 2018 Tracklist:  A1. Bone Sucka B1. Proxy pangaea · Bone Sucka

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  • Pangaea - Like This

    Pangaea - Like This

    Two brand new Hessle Audio releases at once, what a treat! This one's massive from Pangaea. Peak-time, warpy big room speed garage for some real hands in the air moments. Make sure you check out the other wicked new release from Pearson Sound as well. Belters!  Label: Hessle Audio Cat No: HES036 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno Released: 13th July 2020 Tracklist: A1. Like This (Full Mix) A2. Like This (Volt Mix) B1. Midnight Plane

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  • Laksa - Fire Kit EP

    Laksa - Fire Kit EP

    Wicked and rowdy, forward-thinking, dancehall infused Techno from Laksa on Hessle Audio. Quality! Label: Hessle Audio Cat No: HES039 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno Released: 6th November 2020 Tracklist: A1. Fire Kit B1. Belly Brocka B2. T's Tent Hessle Audio · Laksa - Fire Kit [HES039]