• The Room Below - Homemade Waves EP - Out Of Joint Records

    The Room Below - Homemade Waves EP

    Cat No: DBA020 Brilliant, diverse leftfield House EP from The Room Below on the ever experimental and boundary pushing Don't Be Afraid Imprint.

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  • Kerrie - Before Calm EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Kerrie - Before Calm EP

    Cat No: BP010 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Before Calm A2. Acid8 Slider B1. Curveball B2. Orb Weaver

  • rRoxymore - Face to Phase - Out Of Joint Records

    rRoxymore - Face to Phase

    Cat No: DBALP006 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Tracklist: A1. Home Is Where The Music Is A2. Passages A3. Forward Flamingo A4. Energy Points B1. Someone Else's Memory B2. Hectadrums B3. PPS21 B4. What's The Plan French-born, Berlin based artist rRoxymore sets her experimental tendencies free on her highly anticipated debut album 'Face To Phase' for Don't Be Afraid. Across eight tracks were treated to a trip into rRoxymore's annual creative hibernation sessions. Methodically and mindfully stripped back, this selection touches on many genres of modern club music from twisted Grime to minimalist, late ...

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  • Karen Gwyer - Man On Mountain - Out Of Joint Records

    Karen Gwyer - Man On Mountain

    Cat No: DBA042 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Faces on Ankles A2. Ian on Fire B1. Cherries on Shoulders B2. Ribbon on Neck Berlin resident and Michigan native Karen Gwyer returns to DBA with some of her most accomplished work yet. "Man On Mountain" gives us a insight into Karen's admiration for the "achingly beautiful synth work" of melodic techno pioneers like Claude Young and Drexciya. Even her most straightforward techno tracks have a complex musicality that shines through. Crisp, hard-hittin' Techno with a dedication to minimalist, melodic drone electronics. Highly Recommended!

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  • Tyler Dancer - 62 Miles High - Out Of Joint Records

    Tyler Dancer - 62 Miles High

    Cat No: DBA041 '62 Miles High' is Tyler Dancer's follow up to his 2017 debut solo EP 'Resisting In The Darkness'. Tyler's latest offering sees him take a step into lighter territory with three sparse, minimalist, bassline driven techno bangers that draw upon his Detroit and Midwest heritage. Great Stuff!

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  • Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard LP - Out Of Joint Records

    Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard LP

    Cat No: DBALP005 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP High-grade, abstract, driving techno from Neville Watson on his debut outing for Don't Be Afraid. Maintaining his old skool production values whilst taking a step into the future, this album is arguably one of the strongest techno-related LPs of the year, bar none.

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  • Doubt - Bad Plans - Out Of Joint Records

    Doubt - Bad Plans

    Cat No: DBA039

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  • Brassfoot - Indentured Servitude - Out Of Joint Records

    Brassfoot - Indentured Servitude

    Cat No: DBA040 Raw, thumping, leftfield Techno from Brassfoot on the always great Don't Be Afraid Records. 

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  • D-Malice - Indian Time - Out Of Joint Records

    D-Malice - Indian Time

    Cat No: DUB005 UK Funky don D-Malice returns on wax with Indian Time. Highly effective, perfectly executed and banging. Basic Soul Unit kicks things up a gear in terms of energy and BPM on the flip to deliver a big room techno smasher. 

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  • Herva - Dreamers Of Unknown - Out Of Joint Records

    Herva - Dreamers Of Unknown

    Cat No: DBA019 Italian producer Herva offers up a four track set of forward-thinking dancefloor bombs on Don't Be Afraid. A true exploration of Herva's unique interpretation of the past and the future. 

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  • Jack Murphy - Points Zero - Out Of Joint Records

    Jack Murphy - Points Zero

    Cat No: SPE005 The fifth instalment of DBA's series of Special Edition DJ Tools. This time courtesy of Jack Murphy. On-point big room jacking Techno.

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  • Lily - Memory Jacket - Out Of Joint Records

    Lily - Memory Jacket

    Cat No: DUB004 Slow, squashed late night psy-house from Bristol's Lily. Murky bass and head spinning electronics make this one perfect for those dimly lit basement parties. Backed with an equally grimy Madteo remix on the flip.  

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  • Ben Cohen - Purple Moon EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Ben Cohen - Purple Moon EP

    Cat No: DBA022 Dark and brooding, Dutch electro-leaning Techno/Electronica from Paris based Ben Cohen via London's Don't Be Afraid Records. Masterfully done left-field Techno.

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  • Various Artists - DBA019.5 - Out Of Joint Records

    Various Artists - DBA019.5

    Cat No: DBA0195 Four track various artists excursion from Don't Be Afraid. With contributions from established label favourites like Halvtrak and new arrivals Radio Brovold, Max McFerren and Paris' Ben Cohen. Left-field, experimental techno at its best.

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  • Wheelman - Signal 10" - Out Of Joint Records

    Wheelman - Signal 10"

    Cat No: DUB010

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