• Kahn - Dread (Dubkasm Versions) - Out Of Joint Records

    Kahn - Dread (Dubkasm Versions)

    Cat No: MEDI117 Format: 12" Vinyl Released: 07.02.2020 Tracklist: A1. Dread A2. Dread B1. Dread B2. Dread Killer, heavyweight Dubkasm versions of Kahn's 'Dread'. Not to be missed!

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  • Kaiju - Fear No One

    Kaiju - Fear No One

    Two brand new slappers on Mala's Deep Medi Musik. This pair come courtesy of duo Kaiju who haven't released on the label in quite some time but it sounds like it was well worth the wait.  Label: Deep Medi Musik Cat No: MEDI111 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Dubstep / Bass Released: 17th July 2020 Tracklist: A1. Fear No One B1. Wils Fault 

  • Somah - Dark Arts - Out Of Joint Records

    Somah - Dark Arts

    Label: Deep Medi Cat No: MEDI108 Format: 12" Vinyl Released: 05.03.2020 Tracklist: A1. Somah - Dark Arts A2. Hebrew Flip ft Rider Shafique B1. How we move B2. Binural w/Surreal Minimalist, heavyweight, DMZ/Skream inspired Dubstep cuts from Somah for the mighty Deep Medi Music. 

  • Dubkasm - Enter The Gates (Egoless Remix) - Out Of Joint Records

    Dubkasm - Enter The Gates (Egoless Remix)

    Egoless delivers his weighty halfstep reductions of Dubkasm's "Enter The Gates". Haunting bass-weight business backed with an extended dub version. Not to be missed! Label: Deep Medi Musik Cat No: MEDI109 Format: 12" White Label Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Dubkasm - Enter The Gates Ft. Rider Shafique (Egoless Remix) B1. Dubkasm - Enter The Gates (Egoless Remix Instrumental)

  • Aardvarck - Monkey See... (Single Sided 12") - Out Of Joint Records

    Aardvarck - Monkey See... (Single Sided 12")

    Cat No: MEDI105W Format: Single Sided 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Moneky See...

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  • Samba - Winona - Out Of Joint Records

    Samba - Winona

    Cat No: MEDI107 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Winona A2. Worms B1. King Kan B2. Snakes. Egos Supremely dark and twisted Dubstep excursions from Samba on his Deep Medi debut. 

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  • Commodo - Rikers / Daytona - Out Of Joint Records

    Commodo - Rikers / Daytona

    In-stock ready to ship now. Cat No: MEDi104 Released: 21st December 2018 Brain rattling bass and delicate melodies, Dubstep heavyweight Commodo returns to Deep Medi with two highly sought after tracks that have been dominating the dance, the airwaves and the forums for a long while.

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  • SILKIE - Impervious - Out Of Joint Records

    SILKIE - Impervious

    Cat No: MEDI103

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  • Gantz - Dying On Acid - Out Of Joint Records

    Gantz - Dying On Acid

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  • Egoless - Empire Of Dirt - Out Of Joint Records

    Egoless - Empire Of Dirt

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  • Compa - Not A Kick - Out Of Joint Records

    Compa - Not A Kick

    1. Not a Kick 2. Hallucinogen 3. Commandment

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