• Jay Glass Dubs - Soma

    Jay Glass Dubs - Soma

    A brand new double LP from one of our favourite producers on one of our favourite labels and it might be just be his finest body to date. Oh, what's that you say, the title "Soma" means body in Greek, well there you go. New Jay Glass Dubs on Berceuse Heroique, take a listen, we're sure you won't regret it. Expect all the usual exceptional artistry and elements of Jay's sound, Detroit Electro, Chicago House, Jamaican Dub music and Bristolian Rap all weaved together masterfully plus some stellar collaborations to top it all off. Highly Recommended! Label: Berceuse Heroique Cat No: BH065 Fo...

  • Pavel Milyakov - La Maison De La Mort - Out Of Joint Records

    Pavel Milyakov - La Maison De La Mort

    Cat No: BH057 Format: 2 x 12" vinyl in full print gatefold sleeve Pavel Milyakov aka BUTTECHNO delivers a sublime avant-garde ambient LP on Berceuse Heroique. Better known for his harder hitting dance and electronic music, 'La Maison De La Mort' is a intriguing and inspirational delve into Pavel's more avant-garde side. Proper good stuff, comes cased in a gatefold sleeve with incredible artwork by Will Bankhead (Trilogy Tapes). Highly Recommended. 

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  • 1281 – Elon’s Mask – Zine For Berceuse Heroique

    1281 – Elon’s Mask – Zine For Berceuse Heroique

    Limited Edition 37 page zine featuring art from 1281. A5, B&W published by Berceuse Heroique.

  • Mori Ra - Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 6 - Out Of Joint Records

    Mori Ra - Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 6

    Cat No: BH056 Latest four-tracker for Berceuse Heroique's Brasserie Heroique series. This time Mori Ra returns with four funky experimental house cuts. Brilliantly out there yet dancefloor ready edits. Highly Recommended. 

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  • Ossia - The Marzahn Versions - Out Of Joint Records

    Ossia - The Marzahn Versions

     Cat No: BH062 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Crowd Psychology A2. Mob Psychology B1. Hack Dance B2. Hack Dub Ossia on Berceuse Heroique is an essential pick up, we really can't recommend this too much it's a four tracking stepping dub record with a cover to die for. In fact you could just buy it for the sleeve design, it's lush, like the warm memory of a day with the mushrooms, but if you did buy it just for the sleeve then you are doing the four tracks inside an injustice because they are absolute blinders, mystical steppers in the truest form, there is no worn out tropes here, just tr...

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  • Logos - Fifth Monarchy EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Logos - Fifth Monarchy EP

    Cat No: BH060 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Eska A2. Dust B1. Ghosting B2. Eska (Ossia Remix)

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  • Jay Glass Dubs - Nyx EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Jay Glass Dubs - Nyx EP

    Cat No: BH061 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. The Controversial Control A2. Da Ding An Sich B1. Urged To Be Cleansed While Bathed In More Blood B2. An Ambivalent Path B3. Atremes One of our favourite artists returns to one of our favourite labels and it's another belter. Jay Glass Dubs moves away from the sweet sounds of his previous works on BH and offers up something much more Noir on this latest release. Blending traditional Greek music with German Kosmische Musik into experimental dub explorations that are undoubtedly a sound all of his own. Incredible stuff. 

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  • Pinch - Border Control - Out Of Joint Records

    Pinch - Border Control

    Cat No: BH059 Format: 12" Vinyl Tracklist: A1. Border Control B1. Fortune Tellers B2. Loose Cables Pinch on BH, the sound of standing next to a Mercedes 207d with the system stacked up behind the back doors and the generator pounding away in the room next door.  With Border Control, what Pinch has managed to do here is to capture the feeling of skinning up in the corner with a the last of the hash, a small torch and your mate curled up on the floor next to you wanting to go back to the car, but not being able to be coherent enough to tell you. We could describe the other two for you but we...

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  • Hodge - Exogenesis - Out Of Joint Records

    Hodge - Exogenesis

    Cat No: BH058 Brilliant EBM inspired techno 4 tracker from Hodge on Berceuse Heroique.

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  • Black Merlin - Void (2 x 12") - Out Of Joint Records

    Black Merlin - Void (2 x 12")

    Cat No: BH055 Excellent creepy, pitch-black techno workouts from Black Merlin. Unsettling and dystopian throughout, finished off with the blissful, beat-free, synthesizer driven 'Mod'. Highly Recommended.

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  • CVX - Zibaldone III of CVX - Out Of Joint Records

    CVX - Zibaldone III of CVX

    Lush, lush, lush music, if you want to know what it sounds like in our house most mornings it sounds like this. Just incredible. Oh and then there is the end of the second side, democracy.

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  • Monrella - Process & Report EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Monrella - Process & Report EP

    You want to know what the House Of God felt like in Birmingham in the mid 90's. Catch a coach to Digbeth Station and bang this on your head phones, it's like having a time machine. Did you know this was Mick Harris too? mad eh.

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  • Duckett - Emporer' New Clothes Part 1 - Out Of Joint Records

    Duckett - Emporer' New Clothes Part 1

    We just love this, it's like a glass of ice cold water after a 12k fun run, fucking refreshing. It's another one that we can't see the point in explaining that much. Listen to the youtube rip below and then hit that buy button. If it says sold out we are not surprised.

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  • Jay Glass Dubs - The Safest Dub - Out Of Joint Records

    Jay Glass Dubs - The Safest Dub

    Tune of the summer? tune of the year? no ones sure but we can't stop playing it. Berceuse Heroique are on a roll and we hope it doesn't stop for a while.

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