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Moritz Von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna - Moritz Von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna

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Cat No: HJRLP076

Format: Gatefold 2 x 10" Vinyl LP


A1. Koirong Ku

A2. Koichulrdyn Kongur Kuu

A3. Drums

A4. Fragments

A5. Tushumdo

B1. Facets

C1. Mash Kambarkan

C2. Talasym

C3. Kolkhoz Kechteri

C4. Bishkek, May 2016

D1. Draught

D2. Draught Dub

D3. Improvisation

Basic Channel's Moritz Von Oswald teams up with musical collective, Ordo Sakhna, an outfit dedicated to the roots music of Kyrgyzstan. Mystical drum sessions, haunting acapella vocals and superb instrumentation blend perfectly with Moritz's Berlin dub-wise stylings. Perfect fusion. Highly Recommended.