• Lucy - Self Mythology

    Lucy - Self Mythology

    Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts Cat No: SALP004 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Ambient / Experimental Released: 6th May 2016 Tracklist: A1. Baba Yaga's Hut A2. Dissonance Emancipation B1. Vibrations Of A Circular Membrane B2. A Selfless Act B3. Meetings With Remarkable Entities C1. Millennia Old Adversary C2. She-Wolf Night Mourning D1. Samsara D2. Canticle Of Creatures Stroboscopic Artefacts · Lucy 'Self Mythology' [SALP004 - SACD007]

  • Lucy & Klock - War Lullaby

    Lucy & Klock - War Lullaby

    Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts Cat No: SA024 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Ambient Released: 5th May 2015 Tracklist: A1. Bliss A2. War Lullaby B1. Santeria B2. A Ghost Lovestory Stroboscopic Artefacts · Lucy and Klock 'War Lullaby' [SA024]

  • Burial - Antidawn

    Burial - Antidawn

    Burial in his most stripped back form to date. Label: Hyperdub Cat No: HDBLP050 Format: Heavyweight 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Experimental Released: 25th January 2022 Tracklist: A1. Strange Neighbourhood A2. Antidawn B1. Shadow Paradise B2. New Love B3. Upstairs Flat

  • Pretty Sneaky - 7.2

    Pretty Sneaky - 7.2

    More excellent, field recording based leftfield experiments from the brilliant Pretty Sneaky. Expertly dubbed out, drifting pops, crackles and bass tones. Ace! Label: Pretty Sneaky Cat No: PRSN 007.2 Format: Hand-Stamped 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Leftfield / Experimental / House Released: 22nd November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Untitled B1. Untitled

  • Pretty Sneaky - 7.1

    Pretty Sneaky - 7.1

    Pretty Sneaky are back with another leftfield trip into house, combining extended field recordings and ambience in their own unique style. TIP! Label: Pretty Sneaky Cat No: PRSN 007.1 Format: Hand-Stamped 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Ambient / Field Recordings Released: 22nd November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Untitled B1. Untitled B2. Untitled

  • Shuttle358 - Chessa

    Shuttle358 - Chessa

    First time on vinyl for Shuttle358 minimalist ambient masterpiece 'Chessa' which was originally released on CD on Tyler Dupree's 12k imprint. Includes 3 previously unreleased tracks from the same recording sessions back in 2004, as well as an extended artwork with unseen photographs by Dan Abrams. Label: Keplar Cat No: KeplarRev06LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Reissue Genre: Ambient / Experimental Released: 6th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Ash A2. Chessa A3. Blast B1. Duh B2. Marche B3. Nerf B4. West Nile B5. Melt C1. Logical C2. Dead Leaves C3. Scrapbook D1. Habitat D2. Bloom D3. Angelic K...

  • Stephan Mathieu, Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin

    Stephan Mathieu, Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin

    Between Christmas 2000 and New Year 2001 producers Ekkehard Ehlers and Stephan Mathieu recorded an album of warm, soft, delicately crackling electronic music in the space of that week. It was christened with the ambivalent title "Heroin" and was released on CD via the label Brombron in 2001 and later in 2003 re-issued on Kit Clayton's Orthlorng Musork on double-LP with remixes the pair had commissioned as expansions.17 years later Heroin sees its first vinyl release to include all 13 tracks from the original CD track-list on this LP + 12“ set. The centerpiece "Herz" finally receives its lon...

  • Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree - Balance

    Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree - Balance

    Keplar continue their sensational run of killer reissues with this fantastic collaborative album by  Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree. The album was originally released in 2002 by Mille Plateaux as a CD only and is now available for the first time on 12" vinyl.  Label: Keplar Cat No: KEPLARREV04 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Glitch / Dub Released: 17th December 2020 Tracklist: A1. Interlock A2. Moving Light A3. Dug In A4. vertical Invader B1. Freeze Frame B2. Autodrive B3. Concrete B4. Half-Mute B5. Bluetime Keplar · Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree - Interlock

  • Giuseppe Ielasi - Aix

    Giuseppe Ielasi - Aix

    Keplar has been on a long hiatus and is now back with its KeplarRev series presenting vinyl re-issues of essential electronic albums from the 90's and 00's, as well as new recordings by momentous electronic and ambient artists. Here we have the outstanding "Aix" from Italian electro-acoustic savant Giuseppe Ielasi. Originally released in 2009 on Taylor Deupree's 12k label.  Label: Keplar Cat No: KeplarRev02LP Format: 12" Vinyl LP Reissue Genre: Ambient / Musique Concrète / Experimental Released: 24th June 2020 Tracklist: A1. Untitled A2. Untitled A3. Untitled A4. Untitled B1. Untitled B2. U...

  • Donnacha Costello - Together Is The New Alone (2021 Remaster)

    Donnacha Costello - Together Is The New Alone (2021 Remaster)

    A much needed reissue of Donnacha Costello's classic Mille Plateaux from 2001. For its 20th anniversary, Keplar presents an absolute milestone in the history of IDM and ambient music for the first time in its definite form: "Together Is the New Alone" by Donnacha Costello was originally released on Mille Plateaux in 2001 as the second LP under the Irish producer’s given name and firmly established him as one of the leading artists in the field of forward-thinking electronic music after he had primarily made a name for himself with house and techno releases under the Jayrod moniker. This vin...

  • GMT48 Ben Bondy - Camo

    GMT48 Ben Bondy - Camo

    Lush, calming sonic sorcery from NYC based artist Ben Bondy for the ever wondrous Good Morning Tapes. "These sounds came to me in a stage of my life when i was learning to seek nothing...to be nothing.....Grasp the formless form and the world comes to you....All come to you unharmed for peace, security & rest." - Ben Bondy  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMT48 Format: Cassette Genre: Ambient / Experimental Released: 18th January 2022 Tracklist: 1. Pandøer 2. Omni Field 3. Pool 4. Conté 5. Kanga 6. I Thought You'd Look Away 7. Laqtique GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT48 Ben Bondy - 'Camo' ...

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  • Biosphere - Shortwave Memories

    Biosphere - Shortwave Memories

    New material from iconic Norwegian producer and composer Biosphere. "Shortwave Memories" is an album inspired by the post-punk electronic music of the late 70's and early 80's, especially the productions of figures like Martin Hannett and Daniel Miller. Label: Biophon Records Cat No: BIO36LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Electronic Released: 21st January 2022 Tracklist: A1. Tanß A2. Interval Signal B1. Night Shift B2. Formanta C1. Shortwave Memories C2. Infinium D1. Shruthi-12 D2. Transfigured Express Biosphere · Shortwave Memories

  • Tristan Arp - Sculpturegardening

    Tristan Arp - Sculpturegardening

    UK label Wisdom Teeth returns with it’s third long-form offering - Sculpturegardening: a new LP by Mexico City-based artist and producer, Tristan Arp. Incorporating elements of ambient, glitch, microhouse and downtempo, it’s an otherworldly record populated by knotty modular textures, blossoming floral melodies, tight pointillist rhythms and glossy acoustic instrumentation. Label: Wisdom Teeth Cat No: WSDMLP003 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / IDM / Experimental Released: 22nd October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Pond In Moonlight A2. From The Seams A3. Marble Net A4. Foraging Music A5. A Clear...

  • Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland / Spaceland

    Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland / Spaceland

    Stunning, inner/outer world modern classical two tracker from renowned pedal steel player, visual artist and composer Joe Harvey-Whyte. Label: None More Records Cat No: NMR008 Format: 10" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / New Age / Modern Classical Released: 15th October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Flatland B1. Spaceland Music Is My Sanctuary · Exclusive Premiere: Joe Harvey-Whyte "Spaceland" (Forthcoming on None More Records)

  • Kaae & Batz - Lush

    Kaae & Batz - Lush

    New album from Danish composers Kaae & Batz on Stereo Royale. The duo behind the Netflix series Bordertown's score. Label: Stereo Royale Cat No: STR045LP Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Modern Classical / Jazz / Experimental Released: 7th December 2021 Tracklist: A1. INTO THE VOID (PART I) A2. THE TREMBLING SKY A3. STILL SPACE A4. CLOUDY DAYS A5. SPARKLES A6. BLISSFUL A7. WHAT ONCE WAS B1. SLOW MORNING B2. DREAM HACK B3. DEEP DIVE B4. DAZED B5. FLOATING DOTS B6. INTO THE VOID (PART II) Kaae & Batz · L.U.S.H

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  • Prayer - Opaque

    Prayer - Opaque

    Prayer makes his long awaited return to Grade 10 with ‘Opaque’, a twelve track experimental cassette tape carefully exploring both classical and electronic worlds.‘Opaque’ is a body of work spanning across emotional soundscape journeys, impressive chord progressions and euphoria driven jungle tracks, built with classic dark composition in which Prayer’s great reputation is built upon. Label: Grade 10 International Cat No: GTc008 Format: Cassette Genre: Modern Classical / Ambient / Cinematic / Electronic Released: 12th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. End A2. Within You A3. Safe A4. Next To Deat...



    Wonderful deep diving drone and noise, full of textures and hunting sounds. Some sound like being stuck at the docks in the middle of a dark foggy night surrounded by huge cargo ships knocking and clunking in the dark.     NONEXISTENT - NONEXISTENT  Label: Downwards Cat No: DNLP50 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Drone Released: 4th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Untitled 1. (Terminal Starfall) A2. Untitled 2. (October Mission) A3. Untitled 3. (Auburn Vacuum) A4. Untitled 4. (Attachment Areas) B1. Untitled 5. (Deepening Ground) B2. Untitled 6. (Dedicated Tear) B3. Untitled 7. (Raising Oc...

  • E Ruscha V & The Only Thingz - E Ruscha V & the Only Thingz, Too

    E Ruscha V & The Only Thingz - E Ruscha V & the Only Thingz, Too

    Draw for the crystals and incense, the latest Good Morning Tapes 12" has arrived. This time it comes from multi monikered electronic maestro Ed Ruscha (Founding member of 90’s shoegaze band Medicine) joined by his imaginary ensemble The Only Thingz. Eight soothing cuts that'll clear and reset your mindset on a new path to inner peace. Another absolute gem that is certainly not to be missed! Highly recommended as ever! Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV16 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Experimental Released: 18th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Slumber Punk A2. Frog Man A3. Breaking C...

  • Various Artists - All Welcome Volume 3

    Various Artists - All Welcome Volume 3

    The beautiful third instalment of Good Morning Tapes All Welcome compilation series. With offerings from some of the labels most treasured contributors, Pataphysical, Nueen, Salamanda, Angel Hunt, Yama Yuki and Saphileaum. Buy this record, align your energies, feel good! There's not a bad track on here, just good music from start to finish. The Salamanda track being a particular shop favourite. Highly Recommended! Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV15 Format: 12" Vinyl Compilation LP Genre: Ambient / New Age / Experimental Released: 4th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Yama Yuki - Bucharest A...

  • Beautiful Lunches - Slumgullion

    Beautiful Lunches - Slumgullion

    Hazy, gentle almost euphoric explorations and improvisations made in Leeds and Manchester throughout 2019 and 2020. Label: Shadow World Cat No: SW001 Format: Cassette Genre: Ambient / Jazz / Experimental / Electronic Released: 6th August 2021 Tracklist: 1. Kuba 2. Whistle 3. Clackamas 4. Lucy 5. It's Hard To Get By 6. Cem 7. Half Life 8. Slumgullion Earthflow  9. One Thing At A Time 10. Ruckenmedallions Shadow World · Beautiful Lunches - Slumgullion

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  • Satin Doll - Mong Kok Haruna

    Satin Doll - Mong Kok Haruna

    Scott Young returns under his Satin Doll pseudonym to launch his new tape label Less Loss. Here we find Scott in his most experimental form, 'Mong Kok Haruna' is a concoction of blunted field recordings, bursts of harsh digital noise, sub-bass tones and wild computer generated frequencies. The B-side is essentially one 15-minute long iPhone voice note, recorded in the maze of the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong. A transportive piece that puts you right there in that moment. The kind of stuff we love here at Out Of Joint. Label: Less Loss Cat No: None Format: Cassette Genre: Experimental / Fi...

  • A Positive Life - Synaesthetic

    A Positive Life - Synaesthetic

    Orb-esque magnificence. Re:discovery Records with a reissue of A Positive Life's seminal 1993 album "Synaesthetic". Label: Re:discovery Records Cat No: RD004 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP (Reissue) Genre: Ambient / Techno / Trance / Dub Released: 4th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Spacehopper  A2. Pleidean Communication  B1. Bathdub  C1. Hypnosystem  C2. Lighten Up!  D1. The Calling  D2. Aquasonic 

  • Wilson Tanner - 69

    Wilson Tanner - 69

    2021 Repress via Efficient Space of the now sought after 2016 Growing Bin Records release, Wilson Tanner's "69". Soft, lush, gentle ambient music that'll sweep you away into a world of total relaxation.  Label: Efficient Space Cat No: ES019 Format: 12" Vinyl LP (Reissue) Genre: Ambient / Experimental Released: 29th Ocotober 2021 Tracklist: A1. Sun Room  A2. Long Water A3. Before Lotus A4. Keith B1. Further Than Your Headlights B2. Pilot B3. Tray Tail B4. Odd Low growing bin records · Wilson Tanner - 69 (gbr005)

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  • Jonnnah - Mental & Physical

    Jonnnah - Mental & Physical

    Lyon-based musician Jonnnah with a fine collection of genre-defying works for Worst Records ninth release. Spanning industrialised trip-hop, dubstep for concrete spaces and new-age ambient daydreams, this collection is all about finding the sonic hazy links between and bringing them together to form a new body. Label: Worst Records Cat No: WORST009 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Downtempo / Broken Beat / Ambient / Experimental Released: 12th October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Friendly Tribute A2. Binary Life A3. Whispering The Past B1.  Insomnia Never Ends B2. Too Many Colors In The Wood Worst Records...

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  • Marco Shuttle - Cobalt Desert Oasis

    Marco Shuttle - Cobalt Desert Oasis

    Brand new album from Marco Shuttle on Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery's Incienso label. Label: Incienso Cat No: INC-012 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP w/ 7-page Booklet Genre: Ambient / Dub Techno / Experimental / Techno Released: 15th October 2021 Tracklist: A1. AfA A2. Danza De Los Voladores A3 .Through The Cobalt Desert B1. Il Serpente Cosmico B2. Tombak Healer B3. Acrobat C1. Winds Of Cydonia C2. Polysolation C3. Into Thin Air D1. Bembe Bongo D2. 4Dimensional Soundwaves Incienso · Marco Shuttle - Cobalt Desert Oasis [INC-012]

  • Jonnine - Blue Hills

    Jonnine - Blue Hills

    This is a spectacular record which is full of echoing guitars and distant drums, there is elements of everything in here, If you liked the Demdike Stare mixtapes from the late two thousands then this is every tune you have been searching for since you first heard it. We love it. Label: Boomkat Editions / Documenting Sound Cat No: BKEDITDS012V Format: Yellow Coloured 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Folk / Synth-Pop / Ambient / Experimental Released: 23rd September 2021 Tracklist: A1. The Tides Do That With Me A2. Can You Get Me There A3. I Chase You Like Light On A Sundial A4. I Feel Like I'm In A Film ...

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  • Nueen - Nova Lium

    Nueen - Nova Lium

    Another stunning Good Morning Tapes release arrives in it's 12" form. Nine fantastic cuts of morphing, evolving, blissful ambience from Nueen.  Standing as a personal diary/reflection of the past years challenges, Nacho (Nueen) found himself looking within himself & his immediate surroundings, drawing heavily from his native Balearic home of Majorca - using the Mediteranean Light, Nature, Nostalgia, Mysticism & lifeforms of the Balearic Isles as fuel for the fire, in turn birthing a new found confidence & self-awareness throughout the composition of the album. A real beauty! Hig...

  • Deepchord - Campfire EP

    Deepchord - Campfire EP

    Premium ambient / dub techno masterpiece from Deepchord. One of a number of fresh Soma Quality represses arriving in the shop at the moment. Every single one is a must have for us. Sensationally good! Label: Soma Quality Recordings Cat No: SOMA497RP Format: 12" Vinyl Repress Genre: Dub Techno / Ambient Release Date: October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Deepchord - Perfumes of a Spring Mist A2. Deepchord - Xpan B1. Deepchord - Campfire Soma Records · Deepchord - Campfire EP (Soma497)

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  • Fluxion - Parallel Moves

    Fluxion - Parallel Moves

    Superb dreamy, ambient dub techno creations from Fluxion. Individual, lustrous and joyous, taking us all together on a personal journey in to his inner world, moods and moments. Class! Label: Vibrant Music Cat No: VMR016 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Dub Techno / Ambient Release Date: 22nd October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Sol A2. Parallel Moves A3. Orange Sky B1. You Are B2. Correlation B3. Spreads C1. In Limbo C2. The Pieces C3. Passage D1. Settling Dust D2. Blue & Yellow D3. Duet Fluxion · Parallel Moves

  • Hems - Post Radiance EP

    Hems - Post Radiance EP

    The second E2-E8 release comes from newcomer Hems. A regular punter at underground festivals such as Freerotation and Labyrinth, Hems spends some of his time making great electronic music in his East London cave…Recommended if you like Donato Dozzy, Levon Vincent and Terrence Dixon. Label: E2-E8 Cat No: E2-E802 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: Tracklist: A1. Post Radiance A2. I Know This Road B1. Dirty Chords B2. Let It Go (live) B3. Madsituation E2-E8 · Hems – Post Radiance EP

  • Various Artists - Labyrinth of Memories

    Various Artists - Labyrinth of Memories

    Phenomenal record, incredibly packaged. Housed in a maniacal smorgasbord of mixed materials, card, cloth, screen prints, wallpaper, foil, photographs, and sweetmeats (possibly). Label: Kashual Plastik Cat No: KASHUALPLASTIK011 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Housed in Handmade Gatefold Sleeve w/ Prints Genre: Ambient / Drone / Modern Classical / Abstract / Experimental / Electronic Released: August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Speedbooth - Something I Built A2.Teresa Winter - Gods Heart A3. Brannten Schnüre - Kleine Wolke A4. People Skills - Poem for Brant Lowe A5. Kirschstein & Agnes Beil - Sommerzeit...

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  • Emerson Kitamura - The Countryside Is Great EP

    Emerson Kitamura - The Countryside Is Great EP

    Most welcome re-press of the last in Em's series of 12” in support of the film Bangkok Nites. Kitamura is a renowned veteran keyboardist in Japan, having worked on countless sessions from the late 80s to the present. These self-produced tracks, featuring his trademark old-school rhythm box, are instrumental and dub versions of Rungphet Laemsing’s “The Countryside is Great”, plus a bass music version of Angkhanang Khunchai’s “Lam Phloen Salab Khonsawan” and a cover of George McRae’s early disco classic “Rock Your Baby”, with mmm (mii mai moe) on vocals. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48....

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  • Memotone - Memotone (TERMTAPE2)

    Memotone - Memotone (TERMTAPE2)

    Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, and improvisation wizard, Will Memotone serves up a full-length album exploring otherworldly textures, captivating harmonies, and abstract rhythms. Ever wondered what “sleep-paralysis doom jazz” sounds like? Well, look no further… Label: Termina Cat No: TERMTAPE 2 Format: Cassette Genre: Experimental / Electronic Released: 20th September 2021 Tracklist: Rain Hut Blackcap Crossing Flase Cobra Adjusting To The Poison Vines With Eyes Threefold Threshold The Boat Has Warped Research Lab The Plant Guide Termina · Memotone - Memotone LP (Tap...

  • Skee Mask - Compro

    Skee Mask - Compro

    Skee Mask’s endless search and fascination for fresh music, weed and burgers channeled into his own vision of sound. Enjoy the ride through his second album, a detailed experimental universe of a young dedicated hustler. Label: Ilian Tape Cat No: ITLP04 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Repress Genre: Techno / Ambient / Breakbeat Released: September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Cerroverb A2. Session Add A3. Rev8617 B1. 50 Euro To Break Boost B2. Via Sub Mids B3. Soundboy Ext. C1. Dial 274 C2. VLI C3. Flyby VFR D1. Muk FM D2. Kozmic Flush D3. Calimance (Delay Mix) ILIAN TAPE · ITLP04 SKEE MASK - COMPRO

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  • bassæ - Untitled

    bassæ - Untitled

    Long awaited new bassæ on Glasgow's Few Crackles. Limited to 150 copies. Label: Few Crackles Cat No: FC04 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / Breakbeat Released: 14th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. c A2. d B1. e B2. f

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  • Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta - One EP

    Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta - One EP

    Lush ambient / electro debut from London based label E2-E8. This first release features Netil Radio founder Miro Sundaymusiq and David Toop collaborator Avsluta. Both artists deliver a similar pallet to the EP. With thick brooding electro lines strung across an  deep ocean of ambient pads. Emotional, entrancing and incredibly good! TIP! Label: E2-E8 Cat No: E2-E801 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Electro / Experimental Released: 28th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Pacifist Techno Version] A2. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Non Pacifist Trance Version] B1. Avsluta...

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  • Niagara - Veneza

    Niagara - Veneza

    Niagara follow up last years album on Principe with a new 12" on their own label Ascender. Recorded at the 2017 Venice Biennale, for the French Pavilion installation. Mixed by NIAGARA. Mastered and Lacquer cut at D&M by Helmut Erler, pressed on White Vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Label: Ascender Cat No: ASC006 Format: White 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 24th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Dia 2, Parte 1, Música 2 A2. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 1 A3. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 3 A4. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 5 B1. Dia 3, Parte 1, Música 3 B2. Dia 3, Parte 1, Música 8...

  • Anthony Naples - Fog FM (2 x 12" Vinyl LP) - Out Of Joint Records

    Anthony Naples - Fog FM (2 x 12" Vinyl LP)

    Poetically described by Naples himself as a "House music transmission filtered through fluorescent static, from a station out of place and time" 'Fog FM' is the NYC based producers 2nd full album following on from the exquisite 'Body Pill’ and last year’s ‘Take Me With You’ mixtape. The latest offering is sublime. Bubbling somewhere between deep, ambient, and dubbed-out house and techno. Perfect for those hazy summer nights. Highly Recommended! Label: ANS Cat No: ANS3000 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Repress Genre: House / Techno / Ambient Released: 14th June 2019 Tracklist: A1. AIR A2. Fog FM B...

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  • Chen Yi - "The" 1978 - 1983

    Chen Yi - "The" 1978 - 1983

    A fantastic collection of late 70's / early 80's from the Chen Yi commune based out of Chelmsford UK. With engineering from the legendary Flood. A truly bizarre set of unusual grooves, field recordings, samples, skewed pop and sound collages that are reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle, Severed Heads, Cabaret Voltaire and early SPK. Interesting sounds from and even more interesting time and place. Great stuff! Label: 90% Wasser Cat No: WVINYL024 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Reissue Genre: Minimal / Avant Garde / New Wave / Experimental Released: 15th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Stand Up A2. Hail A3....

  • James Bernard, Influx - Reminiscence

    James Bernard, Influx - Reminiscence

    Following on from a strong release on Stroom, James Bernard digs into the vaults for Hybride Sentimento. Five remastered cuts of class ambient techno from 93-94 for the atmospheric connoisseurs out there. Well good! Label: Hybride Sentimento Cat No: HYB.004 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Techno / Electro / Acid Released: 15th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. 2001 A2. Lost In It B1. Love Song B2. The Future B3. VS128  Hybride Sentimento · James Bernard/Influx ~ 'Reminiscence' (LP, Vinyl)

  • Zru Vogue - Before The Moon Disappears

    Zru Vogue - Before The Moon Disappears

    Surreal full length LP from duo Zru Vogue exploring themes of spirituality & nocturnal deliverance. Ethereal funky grooves wrapped in super-natural effects, with smooth electronic arrangements setting a tribalistic mood that draw the perfect place for Andrew L. Jackson's vocals. A proper immersive tale. Label: Musiques Electroniques Actuelles Cat No: MEA-0005 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Synth-Pop / Art Rock / Ambient / Experimental Released: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. A Day In The Life Of The Zru A2. Shadows A3. Still So Unsure A4. Realize (Real Eyes) B1. A Better Place B2. Garb...

  • Scott Young - Post Peace

    Scott Young - Post Peace

    The latest offering from Florence-based experimental label OOH-Sounds comes courtesy of Hong Kong sound designer Scott Young. Over these three new tracks Young crafts an entanglement of sound that embodies euphony and noise, control and disorder. The production is raw, spontaneous and totally unconventional with a purist organic feel. We think it's well good and we think you will to! Give it a go! ‘Peace is where the real chaos begins…..we've been "normalised" for so long’ (Scott Young) Label: OOH-Sounds Cat No: OOH-026 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Downtempo / Experimental / Electronic Released...

  • Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    A much needed reissue of one of Laraaji's best loved albums, "Flow Goes The Universe". Originally released in 1992 and still remains as one of Edward Larry Gordon's most highly acclaimed albums. Recorded in a variety of locations including Japan, Britain and America, this is lush, new age kaleidoscopic ambience at it's best! Essential! Label: All Saints Records Cat No: WAST063LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Gatefold Genre: Ambient / New Age / Experimental Released: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Being Here B1. Immersion B2. A Cave In England C1. Zither Dance C2. In Continuum D1. Deep Celest...

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  • X or Size - Covert ID

    X or Size - Covert ID

    Four sublime ambient techno cuts taken from X or Size's "Covert ID" which was released on cassette earlier this year. Totally absorbing, deeply spirited meditative bliss that you'll want to listen to over and over again. Revisited, reedited & remastered ready for wax! Another essential buy from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes.  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV012 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno / Ambient / Electronic Released: 9th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Urn Stare (Edit) A2. Undevicif (Edit) B1. Covert ID (Edit) B2. O No U Kno Y (Edit) GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMV12 X ...

  • Salamanda - Allez

    Salamanda - Allez

    Super limited re-stock! The sublime "Allez" from South Korean duo Salamanda lands on 12" vinyl after it's sell-out cassette run for the always great Good Morning Tapes. Think nature meets electronica as the duo run through 41 minutes of ambient environmental soundscapes expertly blended with soft rhythms and fm synthesis. A charming journey that we'd be happily go on over and over again. Highly Recommended!  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV10 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 18th May 2021 Tracklist: A1. Bird Cage A2. Amazon Cactus A3. Allez B1. ...

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  • Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Label: A Strangely Isolated Place Cat No: ASIPV031 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / House / IDM Released: 9th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Deep Rains, Dark Rooms A2. Faded Times, Future Truths B1. Endless Drifts, Empty Dreams B2. Acid Lies, Ageless Loves C1. Slow Moons, Sleeping Myths C2. Lost Arts, Lonely Angels C3. Hidden Gardens, Hazy Gods D1. Fallen Hearts, Frozen Houses D2. Warm Mornings, Wakeless Minds astrangelyisolatedplace · Earth House Hold / Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts (ASIPV031) [PREVIEWS]

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  • Various Artists - Kāthā

    Various Artists - Kāthā

    Label: Siamese Twins Records Cat No: ST-005 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Tribal / Neofolk / Experimental Released: 1st September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Khun Fluff - Dāw A2. Sunju Hargun - Full Length Mix B1. Ying Shui Di Jiang- 英水帝江 B2. Temple Rat - The Garden of Earthly Delights B3. Mogambo - Sleepless (नींद) B4. Initials B.B. - Untitled B5. Nic Ford - Cyberd B6. Fahmi Mursyid - Sunda Bamboo  B7. Vice City - 驚蟄 Kenn Ti̍t Siamese Twins Records · Kāthā V.A. (snippets) - ST๐๐๕

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  • Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Purist, escapism ambience from Museum Of No Art. A lush outing that might find you stopping by the pool, cutting through the palms and succulents into soft rustling vegetation, past the softly chirping crickets, drifting further and further away from civilisation. Inner peace guaranteed. Lovely stuff!   Label: Kame House Records Cat No: KHR006 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Electronic Released: 11th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hypnosis And Mud A2. Orchideengarten Ruse A3. A Line Has Two Sides B1. Sunbeams On Your Car B2. One Night At The Pool  Kame House · Museum Of No Art – One Night ...

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