• Hems - Post Radiance EP

    Hems - Post Radiance EP

    The second E2-E8 release comes from newcomer Hems. A regular punter at underground festivals such as Freerotation and Labyrinth, Hems spends some of his time making great electronic music in his East London cave…Recommended if you like Donato Dozzy, Levon Vincent and Terrence Dixon. Label: E2-E8 Cat No: E2-E802 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: Tracklist: A1. Post Radiance A2. I Know This Road B1. Dirty Chords B2. Let It Go (live) B3. Madsituation E2-E8 · Hems – Post Radiance EP

  • Various Artists - Labyrinth of Memories

    Various Artists - Labyrinth of Memories

    Phenomenal record, incredibly packaged. Housed in a maniacal smorgasbord of mixed materials, card, cloth, screen prints, wallpaper, foil, photographs, and sweetmeats (possibly). Label: Kashual Plastik Cat No: KASHUALPLASTIK011 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Housed in Handmade Gatefold Sleeve w/ Prints Genre: Ambient / Drone / Modern Classical / Abstract / Experimental / Electronic Released: August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Speedbooth - Something I Built A2.Teresa Winter - Gods Heart A3. Brannten Schnüre - Kleine Wolke A4. People Skills - Poem for Brant Lowe A5. Kirschstein & Agnes Beil - Sommerzeit...

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  • Emerson Kitamura - The Countryside Is Great EP

    Emerson Kitamura - The Countryside Is Great EP

    Most welcome re-press of the last in Em's series of 12” in support of the film Bangkok Nites. Kitamura is a renowned veteran keyboardist in Japan, having worked on countless sessions from the late 80s to the present. These self-produced tracks, featuring his trademark old-school rhythm box, are instrumental and dub versions of Rungphet Laemsing’s “The Countryside is Great”, plus a bass music version of Angkhanang Khunchai’s “Lam Phloen Salab Khonsawan” and a cover of George McRae’s early disco classic “Rock Your Baby”, with mmm (mii mai moe) on vocals. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48....

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  • Memotone - Memotone (TERMTAPE2)

    Memotone - Memotone (TERMTAPE2)

    Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, and improvisation wizard, Will Memotone serves up a full-length album exploring otherworldly textures, captivating harmonies, and abstract rhythms. Ever wondered what “sleep-paralysis doom jazz” sounds like? Well, look no further… Label: Termina Cat No: TERMTAPE 2 Format: Cassette Genre: Experimental / Electronic Released: 20th September 2021 Tracklist: Rain Hut Blackcap Crossing Flase Cobra Adjusting To The Poison Vines With Eyes Threefold Threshold The Boat Has Warped Research Lab The Plant Guide Termina · Memotone - Memotone LP (Tap...

  • Skee Mask - Compro

    Skee Mask - Compro

    Skee Mask’s endless search and fascination for fresh music, weed and burgers channeled into his own vision of sound. Enjoy the ride through his second album, a detailed experimental universe of a young dedicated hustler. Label: Ilian Tape Cat No: ITLP04 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Repress Genre: Techno / Ambient / Breakbeat Released: September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Cerroverb A2. Session Add A3. Rev8617 B1. 50 Euro To Break Boost B2. Via Sub Mids B3. Soundboy Ext. C1. Dial 274 C2. VLI C3. Flyby VFR D1. Muk FM D2. Kozmic Flush D3. Calimance (Delay Mix) ILIAN TAPE · ITLP04 SKEE MASK - COMPRO

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  • bassæ - Untitled

    bassæ - Untitled

    Long awaited new bassæ on Glasgow's Few Crackles. Limited to 150 copies. Label: Few Crackles Cat No: FC04 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / Breakbeat Released: 14th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. c A2. d B1. e B2. f

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  • Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta - One EP

    Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta - One EP

    Lush ambient / electro debut from London based label E2-E8. This first release features Netil Radio founder Miro Sundaymusiq and David Toop collaborator Avsluta. Both artists deliver a similar pallet to the EP. With thick brooding electro lines strung across an  deep ocean of ambient pads. Emotional, entrancing and incredibly good! TIP! Label: E2-E8 Cat No: E2-E801 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Electro / Experimental Released: 28th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Pacifist Techno Version] A2. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Non Pacifist Trance Version] B1. Avsluta...

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  • Niagara - Veneza

    Niagara - Veneza

    Niagara follow up last years album on Principe with a new 12" on their own label Ascender. Recorded at the 2017 Venice Biennale, for the French Pavilion installation. Mixed by NIAGARA. Mastered and Lacquer cut at D&M by Helmut Erler, pressed on White Vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Label: Ascender Cat No: ASC006 Format: White 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 24th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Dia 2, Parte 1, Música 2 A2. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 1 A3. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 3 A4. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 5 B1. Dia 3, Parte 1, Música 3 B2. Dia 3, Parte 1, Música 8...

  • Anthony Naples - Fog FM (2 x 12" Vinyl LP) - Out Of Joint Records

    Anthony Naples - Fog FM (2 x 12" Vinyl LP)

    Poetically described by Naples himself as a "House music transmission filtered through fluorescent static, from a station out of place and time" 'Fog FM' is the NYC based producers 2nd full album following on from the exquisite 'Body Pill’ and last year’s ‘Take Me With You’ mixtape. The latest offering is sublime. Bubbling somewhere between deep, ambient, and dubbed-out house and techno. Perfect for those hazy summer nights. Highly Recommended! Label: ANS Cat No: ANS3000 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Repress Genre: House / Techno / Ambient Released: 14th June 2019 Tracklist: A1. AIR A2. Fog FM B...

  • Chen Yi - "The" 1978 - 1983

    Chen Yi - "The" 1978 - 1983

    A fantastic collection of late 70's / early 80's from the Chen Yi commune based out of Chelmsford UK. With engineering from the legendary Flood. A truly bizarre set of unusual grooves, field recordings, samples, skewed pop and sound collages that are reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle, Severed Heads, Cabaret Voltaire and early SPK. Interesting sounds from and even more interesting time and place. Great stuff! Label: 90% Wasser Cat No: WVINYL024 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Reissue Genre: Minimal / Avant Garde / New Wave / Experimental Released: 15th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Stand Up A2. Hail A3....

  • James Bernard, Influx - Reminiscence

    James Bernard, Influx - Reminiscence

    Following on from a strong release on Stroom, James Bernard digs into the vaults for Hybride Sentimento. Five remastered cuts of class ambient techno from 93-94 for the atmospheric connoisseurs out there. Well good! Label: Hybride Sentimento Cat No: HYB.004 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Techno / Electro / Acid Released: 15th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. 2001 A2. Lost In It B1. Love Song B2. The Future B3. VS128  Hybride Sentimento · James Bernard/Influx ~ 'Reminiscence' (LP, Vinyl)

  • Zru Vogue - Before The Moon Disappears

    Zru Vogue - Before The Moon Disappears

    Surreal full length LP from duo Zru Vogue exploring themes of spirituality & nocturnal deliverance. Ethereal funky grooves wrapped in super-natural effects, with smooth electronic arrangements setting a tribalistic mood that draw the perfect place for Andrew L. Jackson's vocals. A proper immersive tale. Label: Musiques Electroniques Actuelles Cat No: MEA-0005 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Synth-Pop / Art Rock / Ambient / Experimental Released: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. A Day In The Life Of The Zru A2. Shadows A3. Still So Unsure A4. Realize (Real Eyes) B1. A Better Place B2. Garb...

  • Scott Young - Post Peace

    Scott Young - Post Peace

    The latest offering from Florence-based experimental label OOH-Sounds comes courtesy of Hong Kong sound designer Scott Young. Over these three new tracks Young crafts an entanglement of sound that embodies euphony and noise, control and disorder. The production is raw, spontaneous and totally unconventional with a purist organic feel. We think it's well good and we think you will to! Give it a go! ‘Peace is where the real chaos begins…..we've been "normalised" for so long’ (Scott Young) Label: OOH-Sounds Cat No: OOH-026 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Downtempo / Experimental / Electronic Released...

  • Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    A much needed reissue of one of Laraaji's best loved albums, "Flow Goes The Universe". Originally released in 1992 and still remains as one of Edward Larry Gordon's most highly acclaimed albums. Recorded in a variety of locations including Japan, Britain and America, this is lush, new age kaleidoscopic ambience at it's best! Essential! Label: All Saints Records Cat No: WAST063LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Gatefold Genre: Ambient / New Age / Experimental Released: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Being Here B1. Immersion B2. A Cave In England C1. Zither Dance C2. In Continuum D1. Deep Celest...

  • X or Size - Covert ID

    X or Size - Covert ID

    Four sublime ambient techno cuts taken from X or Size's "Covert ID" which was released on cassette earlier this year. Totally absorbing, deeply spirited meditative bliss that you'll want to listen to over and over again. Revisited, reedited & remastered ready for wax! Another essential buy from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes.  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV012 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno / Ambient / Electronic Released: 9th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Urn Stare (Edit) A2. Undevicif (Edit) B1. Covert ID (Edit) B2. O No U Kno Y (Edit) GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMV12 X ...

  • Salamanda - Allez

    Salamanda - Allez

    Super limited re-stock! The sublime "Allez" from South Korean duo Salamanda lands on 12" vinyl after it's sell-out cassette run for the always great Good Morning Tapes. Think nature meets electronica as the duo run through 41 minutes of ambient environmental soundscapes expertly blended with soft rhythms and fm synthesis. A charming journey that we'd be happily go on over and over again. Highly Recommended!  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV10 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 18th May 2021 Tracklist: A1. Bird Cage A2. Amazon Cactus A3. Allez B1. ...

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  • Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Label: A Strangely Isolated Place Cat No: ASIPV031 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / House / IDM Released: 9th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Deep Rains, Dark Rooms A2. Faded Times, Future Truths B1. Endless Drifts, Empty Dreams B2. Acid Lies, Ageless Loves C1. Slow Moons, Sleeping Myths C2. Lost Arts, Lonely Angels C3. Hidden Gardens, Hazy Gods D1. Fallen Hearts, Frozen Houses D2. Warm Mornings, Wakeless Minds astrangelyisolatedplace · Earth House Hold / Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts (ASIPV031) [PREVIEWS]

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  • Various Artists - Kāthā

    Various Artists - Kāthā

    Label: Siamese Twins Records Cat No: ST-005 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Tribal / Neofolk / Experimental Released: 1st September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Khun Fluff - Dāw A2. Sunju Hargun - Full Length Mix B1. Ying Shui Di Jiang- 英水帝江 B2. Temple Rat - The Garden of Earthly Delights B3. Mogambo - Sleepless (नींद) B4. Initials B.B. - Untitled B5. Nic Ford - Cyberd B6. Fahmi Mursyid - Sunda Bamboo  B7. Vice City - 驚蟄 Kenn Ti̍t Siamese Twins Records · Kāthā V.A. (snippets) - ST๐๐๕

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  • Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Purist, escapism ambience from Museum Of No Art. A lush outing that might find you stopping by the pool, cutting through the palms and succulents into soft rustling vegetation, past the softly chirping crickets, drifting further and further away from civilisation. Inner peace guaranteed. Lovely stuff!   Label: Kame House Records Cat No: KHR006 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Electronic Released: 11th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hypnosis And Mud A2. Orchideengarten Ruse A3. A Line Has Two Sides B1. Sunbeams On Your Car B2. One Night At The Pool  Kame House · Museum Of No Art – One Night ...

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  • GMT46 Ultravillage - Elements

    GMT46 Ultravillage - Elements

    The latest offering from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes is a blissful mixtape of wondering ambience and new age sounds from the brilliant Mark Griffey, the man behind the infamous Ultravillage.  "For this mix, my theme was the elements - water, earth, air and fire, with the first two represented on side one and the latter two represented on the second side. Many artists here integrate the sounds of nature in their recordings, or use their instruments to evoke the elements." - Mark Griffey Incredible stuff as always. These won't be around for long! Highly Recommended every time! Label: Go...

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  • XVARR - Transitional Being

    XVARR - Transitional Being

    Transitional Being reveals another side of XVARR’s production palette — characteristically trance-inducing, this release highlights the transformational potential of dance music. Label: Aural Medium Cat No: AM-02 Format: 12" Vinyl in Screen printed and hand-stamped disco sleeves. Genre: Techno / Electro / Trance / Ambient Released: 9th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Running Out of Time  A2. Contemplation  A3. Transitional Being  B1. The Crooked Path B2. Apex B3. Universal XVARR · Transitional Being

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  • Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage - Viridescens

    Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage - Viridescens

    Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage paint us a beautiful audio collage on this stunning record for Marionette. ‘Viridescens’ conveys a Latin-derived meaning of something being coloured green which is the theme that their new art installation/ performance piece centres around. Together, the pair use homemade instruments and fluxus art techniques to craft a meditation on the colour green and its frequent appearance in environmentalism and nature. A great concept and a fantastic record to match. Lovely stuff! Label: Marionette Cat No: MARIONETTE017 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Expe...

  • Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

    Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

    Up next on disciples is the brilliant debut solo album from Ruth Mascelli of New Orleans no wave/glam/industrial group Special Interest. Ruth Mascelli comments: “This album is an audio diary of adventures had at various bathhouses, dark rooms, and gay clubs while on tour with Special Interest and traveling on my own. It was a way of wrapping my head around my own experiences in those very specific surroundings but also an attempt to connect to the current of queer history flowing through those spaces. Cruising dystopia, libidinal contact, anonymity & risk - rites of passage with a poten...

  • Kiri Uu ‎- Creak-whoosh

    Kiri Uu ‎- Creak-whoosh

    An exploration of sound formed around choral ballads originating from the Finno-Ugric speaking regions of Estonia; Kiri UU - Creak Whoosh releases on top shop label pick Stroom. Electronically adapted and arranged by Olev Muska and Mihkel Tartu resulting in a blissfully peaceful LP. Label: Stroom Cat No: STREP-052 Format: 12" Vinyl Compilation LP Genre: Ambient / Folk / World Released: 8th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Veimevaka Jagamine / Distributing The Dowry A2. Tšimmairuudiralla B1. Piirileikkilaulu / Roundelay B2. Ilus Neiu Kiigel / Pretty Girl On A Swing B3. Harjumaa Lepikud / The Alder ...

  • Kenji Kawai - Ghost In The Shell OST

    Kenji Kawai - Ghost In The Shell OST

    BACK IN STOCK! The first ever official vinyl release of the soundtrack for Mamoru Oshii’s legendary science fiction anime film, Ghost In The Shell. Pressed on 140g vinyl with a 350g full colour printed sleeve, black inner sleeve and artwork sticker. BIG TIP! Label: WRWTFWW Switzerland Cat No: WRWTFWW 017 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Original Soundtrack / Cinema / Anime Released: 10th July 2017 Tracklist: A1. M01 謡I - Making Of Cyborg A2. M02 Ghosthack (本編未使用) A3. EXM Puppetmaster A4. M04 Virtual Crime A5. M05 謠 II - Ghost City B1. M06 Access B2. M07 Nightstalker B3. M08 Floating Museum B4. M...

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  • Deep Nalström - Naive Melodies

    Deep Nalström - Naive Melodies

    Otherworldly sounds out on Natural Selections. Deep Nalström’s Naive Melodies will relax your soul and take you on a sonic journey through space and time. Out of body stuff. Sit back, strap yourself in and play it loud. Tip. Label: Natural Selections Cat No: NASE02 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Downtempo / Ambient / Dub Released: May 2019 Tracklist: A1. Sanctuary A2. Liquid Diamonds A3. The Dream People A4. Between Spaces B1. Caravane II B2. Inner Collapse B3. Albatros Natural Selections · Deep Nalström - Sanctuary [Natural Selections]

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  • Llyr - Biome

    Llyr - Biome

    Llyr - Biome out on Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint. Sonically perfect, trancey soundscape stuff created from sounds collected by artists in the rainforests of Borneo. Field records, slow builders and cinematic journeys that probably sits best in the world of experimental. Label: Mesh Cat No: MESH053V Format: Silver 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Field Recordings / Electronic Released: 29th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Refuge of Majesty A2. Chorus of the Insects A3. Winged Chamber Music A4. Courtship Signal B1. Intrusion #509 B2. The Hawthorne Effect B3. Interject (feat. Private Agenda)...

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  • Skee Mask - Pool

    Skee Mask - Pool

    We’re massive fans of Skee Mask, recent week’s have seen us add Munich’s Illian Tapes to the label roster here at Out Of Joint. Pool; the 3 disc LP from the young German producer is dark, pulsating dance floor business that shows his evolution in sound, exploring signature production techniques, always with a nod to the forefathers of the scene. 3 x 12" vinyl packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Great stuff.  Label: Ilian Tape Cat No: ITLP09 Format: Gatefold 3 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Ambient / Breakbeat Released: 7th May 2021 Tracklist: A1. Nvivo A2. Stone Cold 369 A3. LFO B1. Rdvnedub B2....

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  • Lucy Duncombe - Brace / Mend

    Lucy Duncombe - Brace / Mend

    If you’ve been following us, you know our feelings towards Glasgow’s 12th Isle. ISLE009.5 is no disappointment. Headed up by voice and sound artist, Lucy Duncombe, Brace / Mend explores her fascination with vocal transposition and how this can be interfered with by technologies. Pressed to 10" vinyl with the now expected great looking cover art by Crud. Label: 12th Isle Cat No: ISLE009.5 Format: 10" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Modern Classical / Experimental Released: 26th July 2021 Tracklist: A. Brace B. Mend 12th Isle · Lucy Duncombe - Brace

  • Intrusion - Intrusion / Reflection

    Intrusion - Intrusion / Reflection

    Limited Edition 2X12" LP (Strictly limited to 300 copies) pressed on virgin 150 gram customised "midnight blue" transparent coloured vinyl, packaged in a black LP sleeve with a custom chrome sticker. Housed in a resealable Japanese imported poly sleeve with anti-static sleeves. A Detroit classic, played and charted by Marcel Dettman, Richie Hawtin, Francois K and Juan Atkins... a long out-of-print gem! Label: Echospace (Detroit) Cat No: ECHOSPACE007 Format: 2 x Blue Transparent 12" Vinyl LP Reissue Genre: Techno / Dub Techno / Minimal / Ambient Released: 26th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Intrus...

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  • Model 500 - Starlight

    Model 500 - Starlight

    Juan Atkins' shimmering dub-techno masterpiece back on vinyl courtesy of Echospace. Originally released on Metroplex back in 1995 with additional production from Basic Channel's Maurizio. Music that has truly stood the test of time, this double vinyl edition features originals and alternate versions from the likes of Deepchord, Mike Huckaby, Sean Season, Convextion and more. Highly Recommended! Label: Echospace (Detroit) Cat No: ECHOSPACE004 Format: 2 x Blue Transparent 12" Vinyl Reissue Genre: Techno / Dub Techno / Minimal / Ambient Released: 26th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Starlight (Origin...

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  • Various Artists - Comme de Loin

    Various Artists - Comme de Loin

    Put together during the first lockdown of 2020, this lovely record from Blank Mind explores the eerie and the dreamlike - a moment in time when reality felt like fiction; a figurative void in real life. Uniting artists from all over through an aesthetic quality, the ambiguity between ‘the concrete space and the imaginary space’ and the freedom to explore the void. Lovely stuff. Label: Blank Mind Cat No: BLNK016  Format: 12" Vinyl LP w/ Risograph Print Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic  Released: 3rd June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Bianca Scout - Cast A2. Lack - Focus Object A3. SSIEGE - C...

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  • GMT45 Pataphysical - Hapticality

    GMT45 Pataphysical - Hapticality

    A beautiful selection of stunning, sonic-mind trips from 12th Isle affiliate Pataphysical for the ever wonderful Good Morning Tapes.  "These are tracks we developed between 2013-2021 and have featured heavily in our live performances, evolving over the years. The live show is the core of our project, creating specific listening environments for the experience of imaginary solutions and possible worlds. We've taken this to marshes, forests, woods, quarries and churches, sometimes with big audiences, sometimes just with a handful of close friends. Recent events forced us to take a pause from ...

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  • Parrenin / Weinrich - Jours de Grève

    Parrenin / Weinrich - Jours de Grève

    A future classic from French multi-instrumentalist Emmanuelle Parrenin and Detlef Weinrich (aka Toulouse Low Trax) out on cult French label Versatile. Here the pair concoct a rich noxious brew of avant-garde experiments, post-club and new wave tracks that take you on a topsy turvy journey through a musical hall of mirrors and secret rooms. Intriguing stuff! Label: Versatile Records Cat No: VERLP41R Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / Leftfield Released: 15th January 2021 Tracklist: A1. Le Couple Coupable A2. Caltec’s Dance A3. White Layers Over Black Papers A4. Hephaistos Bree...

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  • Gilb'R - On Danse Comme Des Fous

    Gilb'R - On Danse Comme Des Fous

    Fantastic, dreamy cosmic chill out album from Gilb'R on the lovely Versatile Records.  Label: Versatile Records Cat No: VERLP42 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Leftfield Released: May 2021 Tracklist: A1. Plantlife A2. Changa A3. Triangle Days A4. Reaching A5. Super Spreader B1. Я не хочу знать B2. Mr Knockbottom B3. Mishandel B4. Café Del Pijp B5. Chorea Lasciva Gilb'R · On danse comme des fous

  • Saphileaum - Transpersonal Experience

    Saphileaum - Transpersonal Experience

    Another one of Good Morning Tapes sell-out cassettes lands on vinyl. For those that missed it first time round, or for those of you that just don't have a cassette player anymore. Be quick, these never last long! They're just too good! Six original tracks of mystical, transcendent, cosmic-dance meditations transmitted by Saphileaum, out of Tibilsi, Georgia. Highly Recommended! 'Transpersonal Experience' is a state in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, cosmos. It is a beautiful expedition where you lose...

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  • Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda III

    Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda III

    The 3rd volume of Eiger Drums Propaganda’s musical journey, one that keeps us travelling through the early ages of Neo-Trance, Tribal-Kraut, dream frequencies and modern Dance music. This sonic treat comes as a double album for double pleasure. Double defo. Label: Macadam Mambo Cat No: MMLPXX101 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / New Age / Trance Released: 1st June 2021 Tracklist: A1. I’m Dead  A2. Night Pursuit  A3. Cyber Fem A4. Olive Wound B1. Pyramidal Building Detector (feat. Jin Cromanyon)  B2. Zoom B3 Ujk Tir Pökdan  C1. Abandonned Hotel In Space  C2. UV Church  C3...

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  • Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda II

    Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda II

    Macadam Mambo is a label that operates on the outer edges of the audio spectrum; releasing eclectic, esoteric music that is unquestionably un-pigeonhole-able. Knocking about the peripherals of tribal kraut, new-age ambience and neo-trance, with influences crossing continents and genres, Eiger Drums Propaganda II will cleanse the soul with beautiful soundscapes, whispering vocals and hypnotic rhythms. Label: Macadam Mambo Cat No: MMLP4004 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / New Age / Trance Released: 3rd June 2019 Tracklist: A1. La Quete  A2. The Sun  A3. Throat Complain  A4. Thun...

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  • Arovane - atol scrap (2021 Remaster)

    Arovane - atol scrap (2021 Remaster)

    Label: Keplar Cat No: KeplarRev05LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: IDM / Techno / Ambient Released: 16th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. nonlin.r (2021 Remaster) A2. tascel_7 (2021 Remaster) A3. thaem nue (2021 Remaster) B1. ambelio (2021 Remaster) B2. scapen te (2021 Remaster) B3. revart amx (2021 Remaster) C1. norvum (2021 Remaster) C2. failed (2021 Remaster) C3. amine (2021 Remaster) D1. r/elet (2021 Remaster) D2. atol scrap (2021 Remaster) Keplar · Arovane - tascel_7

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  • Skee Mask - Shred

    Skee Mask - Shred

    Munich's Ilian Tape deliver a second album from the highly talented Skee Mask. Twelve stunning tracks that range from the sound of a peaceful and energetic place. It’s smoky yet cosy and packed with emotion. A proper masterpiece! Label: Ilian Tape Cat No: ITLP02 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP (Repress) Genre: Techno / House / Breakbeat / Ambient Released: June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Everest A2. HAl Conv. A3. Autotuned B1. Shred 08 B2. Backcountry B3. Melczop 2 C1. Zenker Haze Trak C2. Reshape C3. Japan Air D1. Shady Jibbin' D2. Panorama D3. South Mathematikz Skee Mask · Shred

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  • LAIR - I Hurt So I Cry

    LAIR - I Hurt So I Cry

    Label: Eotrax Cat No: ETX007 Format: Cassette Genre: Ambient / Drone / Experimental Released: 29th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Foreshadow A2. I Hurt So I Cry B1. A Shift B2. Hope Springs THE BRVTALIST · PREMIERE: Lair - I Hurt So I Cry (Eotrax)

  • Jesus Weekend - Rudra No Namida

    Jesus Weekend - Rudra No Namida

    Fantastic self released cassette out of Japan from Jesus Weekend. Label: Not On Label (Jesus Weekend) Cat No: SJW-923 Format: Cassette Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 9th April 2021 Tracklist: 1. From The Beginning Of Time 2.  ・ ~ ・ 3. Rudra no Namida 4. Bloom Slowly 5. Haunting Memories 6. Forever Breeze

  • VMO$ & Boofy - NC7004

    VMO$ & Boofy - NC7004

    A much needed repress of Amos Childs and Boofy's smoked out lullabies for Bristol's No Corner. Originally released as a limited run of 150 copies and snapped up super quick. Supreme, slo-mo, late-night/early hours vibes for the afters. Perfecto! Label: No Corner Cat No: NC7004R Format: 7" Vinyl (Repress) Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Downtempo Released: 4th December 2020 Tracklist: A1. May A2. Ringo Boo B1. Dial Tone B2. Close NoCorner · NC7004 - VMO$ & Boofy

  • O$VMV$M - Weekend Saviour

    O$VMV$M - Weekend Saviour

    O$VMV$M (DJ Neek & Amos Childs) return to No Corner for the first time in six years with a brand new six tracker of deep, murky, cut'n'paste dub. Ace! Label: No Corner Cat No: NC-OS Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Downtempo / Experimental Released: 1st Jule 2021 Tracklist: A1. 116 Greystoke  A2. Weekend Saviour  A3. Deathphone  B1. Bird Ride  B2. Doncaster  B3. Codzilla Outro

  • Seekersinternational - Rootprinciple

    Seekersinternational - Rootprinciple

    The first time vinyl reissue of the ultra rare, 'culy classic' 2014 cassette 'Rootprinciple' by the mighty SKRS International. Remastered and pressed up on heavyweight 180g wax, topped off with a killer sleeve with artwork by MYSTERYFORMS. Totally unmissable gear! Label: No Corner Cat No: NC007 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Ambient / Experimental Released: June 2021 Tracklist: A1. BloodRunVIP  A2. Dominion  A3. DubConception  A4. SearchDubEdit  A5. LivityChant  B1. CyantConquer  B2. TheySingTheyKnow  B3. VoiceoftheVoiceless  B4. TekWeh  B5. KingControl SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL · BloodRunVIP ...

  • Andy Stott - Too Many Voices

    Andy Stott - Too Many Voices

    Label: Modern Love Cat No: LOVE101LP Format: Gatefold 2 x 12" Vinyl LP (Repress) Genre: Ambient / Techno / Experimental / Electronic Released: 10th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Waiting For You A2. Butterflies A3. New Romantic B1. First Night B2. Forgotten C1. Selfish C2. on My Mind D1. Over D2. Too Many Voices

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  • James Rushford - Lake From The Louvers

    James Rushford - Lake From The Louvers

    James Rushford assembles a true psychedelic treat for Shelter Press. The latest offering from the Australian composer 'Lake From The Louvers' is inspired by a stay near to Lake Geneva. The collage of ambient, drone, musique concrète and psychedelia is designed to perfection to mimic the shimmering of light reflecting off the lake. Slow moving and full of patience this really is a stunning release. Highly Recommended! Label: Shelter Press Cat No: SP131 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Drone / Experimental Released: 13th May 2021 Tracklist: A1. U+25CF A2. Loess A3. Swanswing A4. Hyaline ...

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  • TIBSLC Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions

    TIBSLC Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions

    German band TIBSLC aka The International Billionaire’s Secret Love Child present a brand new, immensely detailed and highly immersive set of works for the fantastic Sferic label. An eight-part journey of cycling ambient synth music that evolves and shifts over its course. If you've picked up anything from Sferic before then this is a much needed addition to your collection or if you're new to the label this is a very good starting point. Top class ambient music! Label: sferic Cat No: sferic009 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Drone / Experimental Released: 20th May 2021 Tracklist: ...

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