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GMT25 2Morph - Panaceum


Cat No: GMT25

Format: Cassette Tape w/ Download Code

Six piece psychedelic outfit 2Morph of Berlin are welcomed to the Good Morning Tapes fold

Perhaps unknown to many, this group of friends (father and son included) have spent the past two Summer’s travelling the wilderness of Europe in their bus - winding through the hillsides & mountain tops, beaming out their live band freak-outs for select village goers.

This 50 minute cassette of 100% OG material, hauled back from their recent trip to the mystical land of Panaceum (a hidden valley in Germany rumoured to house the elixir of life's ails) is naturally well soaked on a Krautrock tip - with psychedelic hymns and hypnotic percussion, detaching from the linear plane.

Float down stream and let your mind wander outwards to the healing sounds of 2Morph.