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Coco Bryce - Night On Earth


Cat No: FRESH86191

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl 


A1. Coco Bryce - Irian Jaya

A2. Coco Bryce - Night On Earth

B1. Coco Bryce - Killing Me

B2. Coco Bryce - Vertigo

C1. Coco Bryce - Wish We Didn't

C2. Coco Bryce - Polar

D1. Coco Bryce - Breach The Peace

D2. Coco Bryce - One Time Road

Fresh off the press, Coco Bryce's new album 'Night On Earth' for Fresh 86. It's been a while since Bryce's last full album set our senses alight but the wait has been well worth it. The flying Dutchman comes good with his acutely on-point contemporary jungle sound across two 12"s. Absolutely all killer no filler here. Coco Bryce is unstoppable right now!