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Baptisma - Pes EP


Cat No: DISK16

Format: 12" Vinyl in spot-varnished sleeve


1. Hash#1

2. Pes#1

3. Pes#2

4. Pes#1 (Hodge Remix)

Debut release from 55 year old Japanese artist and producer Baptisma aka 菊永洋 backed with a brilliant Hodge remix for Don’t DJ’s Disk label. On the three originals, Baptisma turns out a grittily fluid flood of drums and dynamic, layered atmospheres, carrying a heavy momentum from the voodoo of ‘Pes#1’ thru to the militant trample of ‘Pes#2’ onto a sublime mesh of war-cry horns and slow, keening gamelan structures in ‘Pes#3’. Hodge is honoured with the task of remixing ‘Pes#1’, returning a colder distillation of pinched modular bleeps, deadly bass drum and bodily cross-rhythms.