• Unslaved - Punjab - Out Of Joint Records

    Unslaved - Punjab

    Cat No: GTi004

  • Prayer - Benneath EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Prayer - Benneath EP

    Cat No: GTi003

  • Loosewomen - Nobody - Out Of Joint Records

    Loosewomen - Nobody

    Cat No: GTi002

  • Kollaps - Misery - Out Of Joint Records

    Kollaps - Misery

    Cat No: GTi001

  • Bad Tracking - XP-3 / XP-1 / Ossia Remix - Out Of Joint Records

    Bad Tracking - XP-3 / XP-1 / Ossia Remix

    Noise, we want noise made in to rhythms that give us the fear and then synths that take you above the clouds only to come back to the harsh reality of the noise again, if you can make that all a bit dubby then fantastic, we're in. The Ossia Remix is also really good, all of it is good, this is a great record. Label: Mechanical Reproductions Cat No: MR-02 Format: 12" Vinyl Released: 7th December 2017 Tracklist: A1. XP3 B1. XP1 B2. XP1 (Ossia Remix)

  • Dawit - Corona EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Dawit - Corona EP

    Label: 1432R Cat No: 1432R014 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Disco Tracklist: A1. Gravity A2. New Life B1. Sufferation Dub B2. Luna's Medley Dawit Eklund · Corona

  • Pry - Un-001 - Out Of Joint Records

    Pry - Un-001

    Cat No: UN-001 Format: 12" Vinyl in full colour sleeve Tracklist: A1. Shift Loop A2. Nil Movement B1. Flat Lapping B2. Offset Cycle Leicester based imprint Union’s inaugural release, ‘UN-001’ is from label co-owner Pry. Pervaded with left field synthesis and melancholic melodic undertones, the release takes club conformity and combines it with electroacoustic experimentation. Inspired by the everyday and the mundane, the artwork created by esteemed designer, Alex McCullough creates a complimentary fusion alongside the record.

  • Kowton / Bileebob & Marshallito - T03 - Out Of Joint Records

    Kowton / Bileebob & Marshallito - T03

    Cat No: HERSKULL001 Format: 12" Vinyl with insert

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  • Maurizio - M7 - Out Of Joint Records

    Maurizio - M7

    The final piece of the puzzle in the Basic Channel affiliated M-Series. A spectral, otherworldly dub techno classic. Label: Maurizio Cat No: M7 Format: 12" Vinyl Repress Genre: Techno / Dub Techno Tracklist: A1. Untitled B1. Untitled

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  • Maurizio - M5

    Maurizio - M5

    Part five of the incredible Maurizio M-Series. Another must have Berlin Dub techno masterpiece. Ace! Label: Maurizio Cat No: M5 Format: 12" Vinyl Repress Genre: Techno / Dub Techno Tracklist: A1. Untitled A2. Untitled

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  • Basic Channel - Q Loop - Out Of Joint Records

    Basic Channel - Q Loop

    More essential blueprint techno excursions from the masters Basic Channel. With a killer full length 14 minute version of Q-Loop plus two vintage 1995 Basic Channel cuts that were only previously available on CD. Incredible. Label: Basic Channel Cat No: BCCD Format: 12" Vinyl Repress Tracklist: A1. Q-Loop (Full Length) B1. Q1.2 B2. Mutism  

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  • Rhythm & Sound - The Versions - Out Of Joint Records

    Rhythm & Sound - The Versions

    Label: Burial Mix Cat No: BMLP3 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Lush, deep, dubby techno instrumentals from the masters. This could be re-issued to eternity and we still think it would sound brand new. Here we have all the instrumental versions of the tracks from BMLP2. If you don't have it then buy it and if you do what are you waiting for, give it a listen.

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