• Ocean Stirs - Minesweeper EP

    Ocean Stirs - Minesweeper EP

    Holding Hands Submerged up the tempo on their latest instalment with an all fire set of tech-step D&B rollers from Ocean Stirs.  Label: Holding Hands Submerged Cat No: HHSUB004 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Drum & Bass / Bass Release Date: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Ocean Stirs - Minesweeper ft Litherland A2. Ocean Stirs - Hollow B1. Ocean Stirs - Pluto B2. Ocean Stirs - Nocturnal Desert Sound Colony · HHSUB004 - Ocean Stirs - Minesweeper EP

  • Brazen - Aces & Eights EP

    Brazen - Aces & Eights EP

    Fresh slammers from Brazen on Desert Colony's Holding Hands imprint. Crucial club tackle! Label: Holding Hands Records Cat No: HHANDS020 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Breakbeat Release Date: 10th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Brazen - Aces & Eights A2. Brazen - Twocking B1. Brazen - Muck B2. Brazen - Achey Breaky Holding Hands · HHANDS020 - Brazen aka Harry Wills - Aces & Eights EP (Clips)

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  • Neil Redskin & Chatta B - Hold On / Roll The Drums

    Neil Redskin & Chatta B - Hold On / Roll The Drums

    New label Gambino Family launches with a heavy double hitter from Red Skin Records and Kemet associates Neil Redskin & Chatta B.  Label: Gambino Family Cat No: GB001 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Jungle / Drum & Bass Release Date: 27th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Neil Redskin & Chatta B - Hold On B1. Neil Redskin & Chatta B - Roll The Drums

  • Frenchless - 3C 273 / Grunks

    Frenchless - 3C 273 / Grunks

    Infernal Sounds strip things down and go back to basics with their next endeavor, returning to their roots by releasing a two track single by debutants, Frenchless. Not only is it their first venture on the label, but this is their first ever release under this moniker from the mysterious deadly duo.  Label: Infernal Sounds Cat No: IFS028 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Infernal Sounds Release Date: 10th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Frenchless - 3C 273 B1. Frenchless - Grunks Infernal Sounds · Frenchless - 3C 273 / Grunks (#IFS028 Showreel)

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  • Unknown Artist - The White Rabbit / General Duppy

    Unknown Artist - The White Rabbit / General Duppy

    Rarefied's mysterious black label series continues with another unusual pair of steppers. Highly intoxicated, this one's sure to lead you down the rabbit hole.  Label: Rarefied Cat No: RAREBLK5 (Repress) Format: Ltd 12" Blacklabel Release Date: 29th May 2020 Genre: Dubstep Tracklist: A1. Unknown Artist - The White Rabbit B1. Unknown Artist  - General Duppy

  • Sabab - Out of Step / Quasar Remix

    Sabab - Out of Step / Quasar Remix

    Label: Artikal Music Cat No: ARTKL058 Format: 10" Vinyl Genre: Dubstep Release Date: 10th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Sabab - Out of Step B1. Sabab - Out of Step (Quasar Remix) Artikal Music UK · Sabab - Out Of Step / Out Of Step (Quasar Remix)

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  • Bukkha - ...In Roots Vol. 1

    Bukkha - ...In Roots Vol. 1

    Ready to chant down Babylon with musical fire and brimstone, none other than Bukkha returns to the revered Moonshine Recordings with a truckload full of sound system music in Roots Dub and Stepper style. Ten organic heavyweight cuts on 2x12" - strictly dubwise, no compromise! Label: Moonshine Recordings Cat No: MSLP013 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl Genre: Dubstep / Dub Released: 3rd September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Bukkha - All For Jah A2. Bukkha - Dub For Jah B1. Bukkha & Fada Jep feat. Mowty Mahlyka - Bun Di B2. & Fada Jep feat. JahWind All-Stars - Bun Di Horns C1. Bukkha - Conquering Lion C...

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  • J. Sparrow ft Sun Of Selah - Behold / Paradise Bird

    J. Sparrow ft Sun Of Selah - Behold / Paradise Bird

    ZamZam 84 marks the return of J.Sparrow, one of the true stalwarts of UK sound system music. Producing dubstep & bass masterpieces for over 15 years, and running Navy Cut, with seminal releases on labels including Deep Medi & Tectonic, it would be difficult to overstate Ryan Wild's place in this culture. His second ZamZam carves out a new sonic world of dubwise power and beauty alongside close friend & sparring partner, the Microphone Controller called Sun of Selah. Label: ZamZam Sounds Cat No: ZAMZAM84 Format: 7" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Dubstep Release Date: 27th August 2021 Trackli...

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  • Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel - Showcase Vol. 1

    Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel - Showcase Vol. 1

    Probably the most respected and sought-after producer of the European reggae scene of the last ten years, Spanish genius Roberto Sánchez (Willi Williams, Earl Zero, Alpheus, Keith & Tex, Milton Henry,...) takes place behind the microphone to deliver a new album as a singer under his pseudonym LONE ARK. Soberly titled Showcase Vol. 1, this album is a collaboration between Sánchez and the Swiss band THE 18TH PARALLEL, whose playing is well known to reggae fans, since its musicians have recently played and produced some remarkable records, including I've Seen by Oku Onuora, Roots I Vision ...

  • Saint Etienne - I've Been Trying To Tell You

    Saint Etienne - I've Been Trying To Tell You

    The tenth studio album from the masters of downtempo pop Bob, Pete and Sarah aka Saint Etienne. Quite possibly their most cerebral set to date,"I've Been Trying To Tell You" calls up on thematic feelings of nostalgia and the distance of memory. Taking sounds and samples from the turn of the millennium that evoke memories of times of optimism and hopefulness, manipulating them, getting us to think about that period as it truly was. Accompanied by a film directed by photographer Alasdair McLellan and liner notes by socialist writer Owen Hatherley. Label: Heavenly Recordings Cat No: HVNLP196C...

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  • Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    Laraaji - Flow Goes The Universe

    A much needed reissue of one of Laraaji's best loved albums, "Flow Goes The Universe". Originally released in 1992 and still remains as one of Edward Larry Gordon's most highly acclaimed albums. Recorded in a variety of locations including Japan, Britain and America, this is lush, new age kaleidoscopic ambience at it's best! Essential! Label: All Saints Records Cat No: WAST063LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Gatefold Genre: Ambient / New Age / Experimental Released: 17th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Being Here B1. Immersion B2. A Cave In England C1. Zither Dance C2. In Continuum D1. Deep Celest...

  • Dijit - Tapes & Krikor Remixes

    Dijit - Tapes & Krikor Remixes

    Two mighty re-works of superlative Dijit material by renowned dub scientist Tapes of Honest Jons, Good Morning Tapes, Em Records alumni and Parisian producer Krikor. Out on heavyweight 7" vinyl via the wonderful Cairo/London based diy records. TIP!! Label: diy Cat No: DIY45-001.5 Format: 7" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Experimental / Electronic Released: 2nd September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Natfo Feat. SD (TAPES Remix) B1. Natfo Feat. SD (KRIKOR Remix)

  • X or Size - Covert ID

    X or Size - Covert ID

    Four sublime ambient techno cuts taken from X or Size's "Covert ID" which was released on cassette earlier this year. Totally absorbing, deeply spirited meditative bliss that you'll want to listen to over and over again. Revisited, reedited & remastered ready for wax! Another essential buy from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes.  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV012 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno / Ambient / Electronic Released: 9th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Urn Stare (Edit) A2. Undevicif (Edit) B1. Covert ID (Edit) B2. O No U Kno Y (Edit) GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMV12 X ...

  • Salamanda - Allez

    Salamanda - Allez

    Super limited re-stock! The sublime "Allez" from South Korean duo Salamanda lands on 12" vinyl after it's sell-out cassette run for the always great Good Morning Tapes. Think nature meets electronica as the duo run through 41 minutes of ambient environmental soundscapes expertly blended with soft rhythms and fm synthesis. A charming journey that we'd be happily go on over and over again. Highly Recommended!  Label: Good Morning Tapes Cat No: GMV10 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Electronic Released: 18th May 2021 Tracklist: A1. Bird Cage A2. Amazon Cactus A3. Allez B1. ...

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  • Michael J. Blood - Bloodheart

    Michael J. Blood - Bloodheart

    Michael J Blood & Rat Heart's hour-long follow up to their already highly collectable "Ratblood" debut. Built on a foundation of varying Detroit, Chicago and East Coast styles, expect tripped out drum machines, smoked out synths, serotonin soaked dub chords and plenty of emotional peaks throughout. Well good and not much else out there like it. Highly Recommended! Label: BodyTronixxx Cat No: BodyTronixxx02 Format: Cassette Genre: Techno / House / Abstract / Dub / Electronic Released: 25th August 2021 Tracklist: A. Untitled B. Untitled

  • Y U QT - Dancehall Damager Ft. Riko Dan // Like That Ft. Logan

    Y U QT - Dancehall Damager Ft. Riko Dan // Like That Ft. Logan

    Y U QT return to Riz La Teef's South London Pressings label - joined this time by Roll Deep legend Riko Dan and the lyrical don Logan. Dancehall damage guaranteed! TIP! Label: South London Pressings Cat No: SLP004 Format: Hand-stamped 12" Vinyl Genre: UK Garage Released: 10th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Dancehall Damager Ft. Riko Dan A2. Dancehall Damager (Instrumental) B1. Like That Ft. Logan B2. Like That (Instrumental) SOUTH LONDON PRESSINGS · South London Pressings 004

  • Leftlow - Whispers // Underhand

    Leftlow - Whispers // Underhand

    New low-end pressure from the Juan Forte crew. This time they welcome Leftlow to the fold with two heavy sub bass wobblers. Complete with exceptional artwork as ever. These won't be around for long! Label: Juan Forte Cat No: JUAN004 Format: 12" Vinyl In Full Colour Sleeve Genre: Dubstep Released: 8th September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Whispers B1. Underhand JUAN FORTE · JUAN004 - Leftlow - Whispers/Underhand

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  • Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements And Broken Hearts

    Label: A Strangely Isolated Place Cat No: ASIPV031 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / House / IDM Released: 9th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Deep Rains, Dark Rooms A2. Faded Times, Future Truths B1. Endless Drifts, Empty Dreams B2. Acid Lies, Ageless Loves C1. Slow Moons, Sleeping Myths C2. Lost Arts, Lonely Angels C3. Hidden Gardens, Hazy Gods D1. Fallen Hearts, Frozen Houses D2. Warm Mornings, Wakeless Minds astrangelyisolatedplace · Earth House Hold / Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts (ASIPV031) [PREVIEWS]

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  • Remotif - COY004

    Remotif - COY004

    Transcendent prog, sassy house and rapturous breaks coming next on Coymix as UK producer Remotif journeys through a genre-bending dimension of esoteric dance music. Label: Coymix Ltd Cat No: COY004 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Trance / Prog House Released: 27th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Goodbye Sunshine A2. Ssssputnik! B1. Telepathic Heights B2. You Win Again, Gravity Remotif · COY004 EP (Coymix)

  • Various Artists - Kāthā

    Various Artists - Kāthā

    Label: Siamese Twins Records Cat No: ST-005 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Tribal / Neofolk / Experimental Released: 1st September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Khun Fluff - Dāw A2. Sunju Hargun - Full Length Mix B1. Ying Shui Di Jiang- 英水帝江 B2. Temple Rat - The Garden of Earthly Delights B3. Mogambo - Sleepless (नींद) B4. Initials B.B. - Untitled B5. Nic Ford - Cyberd B6. Fahmi Mursyid - Sunda Bamboo  B7. Vice City - 驚蟄 Kenn Ti̍t Siamese Twins Records · Kāthā V.A. (snippets) - ST๐๐๕

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  • Junes - Shifting Sands (w/ Central Remix)

    Junes - Shifting Sands (w/ Central Remix)

    Newcastle's Junes lands on KOC with a crisp, techy, trancey three tracker with a shuffling reshape from Help Records boss Central. We're big fans of Kalahari Oyster Cult here at OOJ. Every release we've had through the shop so far has been killer! If you're unfamiliar with the label or any of the artists they've released music for then we highly recommend a trip through their back catalogue. Well good! Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult Cat No: OYSTER33 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno / Tech House Released: 28th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Witching Hour A2. Vessel B1. Shifting Sands B2. Shift...

  • Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Museum Of No Art - One Night At The Pool

    Purist, escapism ambience from Museum Of No Art. A lush outing that might find you stopping by the pool, cutting through the palms and succulents into soft rustling vegetation, past the softly chirping crickets, drifting further and further away from civilisation. Inner peace guaranteed. Lovely stuff!   Label: Kame House Records Cat No: KHR006 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Ambient / Electronic Released: 11th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hypnosis And Mud A2. Orchideengarten Ruse A3. A Line Has Two Sides B1. Sunbeams On Your Car B2. One Night At The Pool  Kame House · Museum Of No Art – One Night ...

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  • Popmix - Big Exchange

    Popmix - Big Exchange

    Mood-lifting, 90's inspried techno EP. Packed with euphoria, acidic basslines, gleeful synths and thumping drum patterns. Ace! Label: Axces Recordings Cat No: AXS5 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Trance / Tech House Released: 20th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hjernesutter A2. Megas Kaninus B1. Giga Stream B2. Pirate Bay INVERTED AUDIO · Popmix - Hjernesutter [Axces Recordings]

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  • Odracir - Black Bullet EP

    Odracir - Black Bullet EP

    Four highly energetic cuts from Odracir for Clut Communication. Drawing from house and electro sounds of the 90’s with spacey atmospheres and analog basslines. A proper dancefloor ready EP. Label: Clut Communication Cat No: CLUT004 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Electro / Tech House Released: 12th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Black Bullet A2. Lucky Ones B1. The Graph B2. Juggle Clut Communication · (CLUT004) Odracir - Black Bullet Ep

  • Matthias - Ultraviolet EP

    Matthias - Ultraviolet EP

    Matthias on Superliminal's sub-imprint Re Discovery with four brand new hybrid techno dance tracks. Stripped back swinging drum patterns with strong doses of tape processing. Excellent! Label: Re Discovery Cat No: ReDisco002 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno Released: 3rd September 2021 Tracklist: A1. Eden (Ethereal Mix) A2. The Envelope Follower (House Mix) B1. Detroit Swinger B2. Euphoria Superluminal Recordings · ReDisco002 - Matthias - Ultraviolet EP

  • Ike - Stone Diviner

    Ike - Stone Diviner

    Stripped-back breakbeat / trance, IDM electronica from Ike for Frankfurt label Die Orakel. For fans of Skee Mask & Lee Gamble.  Label: Die Orakel Cat No: ORKL-17 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Breakbeat / IDM Released: 25th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Inter A2. Petale B1 - Stone Diviner B2. Fight Day B3. Isobutyl Die Orakel · Ike – Stone Diviner

  • Cornell Campbell - Time For Peace

    Cornell Campbell - Time For Peace

    Killer new vocal roots cuts from the legendary Cornell Campbell. Taking its title from Cornell’s lyrical addition to Black Man In A White World, “I want you to understand, I need, I need everyone to hang on, in love, peace and unity”, the new 12” EP features bold interpretations of two of soul music's most iconic songs about race, identity and injustice.  Label: Jancro Cat No: JC003 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Reggae / Roots Released: 27th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Black Man In A White World A2. Black Dub In A White World B1. Outernational Blues B2. Ital City Dub

  • For Those I Love - I Have a Love (Overmono Remix)

    For Those I Love - I Have a Love (Overmono Remix)

    Overmono's euphoric remix of For Those I Love. Single sided with laser etched flip consisting of an original artwork by David Balfe aka For Those I Love. Label: Poly Kicks Cat No: POLY014 Format: Single Sided Etched 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno Released: 3rd September 2021 Tracklist: A1. I Have a Love (Overmono Remix) Misael Deejay · I Have a Love (Overmono Remix)

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  • Silkie - Panorama

    Silkie - Panorama

    Brand new triple 12" LP from label stalwart Silkie for the mighty Deep Medi Musik. "I started working on the album around two years ago without knowing I was making an album. I prefer it that way. I don't like putting the pressure of making an album on my shoulders before I start making music. When the idea of the album was born, I approached it like a label would; listening to the music I've been making recently, seeing what makes sense together. That ended up being natural for me, capturing a snapshot in time of my musical journey." - Silkie 2021 Label: Deep Medi Cat No: MEDILP016V Format...

  • GMT46 Ultravillage - Elements

    GMT46 Ultravillage - Elements

    The latest offering from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes is a blissful mixtape of wondering ambience and new age sounds from the brilliant Mark Griffey, the man behind the infamous Ultravillage.  "For this mix, my theme was the elements - water, earth, air and fire, with the first two represented on side one and the latter two represented on the second side. Many artists here integrate the sounds of nature in their recordings, or use their instruments to evoke the elements." - Mark Griffey Incredible stuff as always. These won't be around for long! Highly Recommended every time! Label: Go...

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  • Sully - 5ives / Sliding

    Sully - 5ives / Sliding

    One of the most highly anticipated 12's of the year. Two of most sensational cuts of Jungle / Drum & Bass we've heard in recent times from the incredibly talented Sully. A must must have! Highly Recommended!!! Label: Over/Shadow Cat No: OSH/05 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Jungle / Drum & Bass Released: 27th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. 5ives B1. Sliding Drum&BassArena · Sully - 5ives

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  • Om Unit - Acid Dub Studies (Repress)

    Om Unit - Acid Dub Studies (Repress)

    Back In Stock! Om Unit's essential trip into acid dub and dub techno. Is this the first repress or the second or possibly the third, honestly we are not sure, remind us again when we are asking wether it's the eight or ninth repress, because this is certainly going to make it that far. This is by far one of the records of the year so far and it just keeps selling. Highly Recommended! Label: Om Unit Cat No: ADS001 Format: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl (Repress) Genre: Dub / Dub Techno / Techno Release Date: 19th February 2021 Tracklist: A1. Om Unit - Intro A2. Om Unit - Bristol Theme A3. Om Unit...

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  • Andy Odysee - Ruthless:Insidious / Provocateur / Status Anxiety

    Andy Odysee - Ruthless:Insidious / Provocateur / Status Anxiety

    Andy Odysee returns to his own Odysee Recordings imprint with his third solo EP for the label. A killer trifecta of Drum & Bass rumblers. Not to be missed! Label: Odysee Recordings Cat No: ODY012 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Drum & Bass / Jungle Released: 27th August 2021 Tracklist:A1. Andy Odysee - Ruthless In Purpose: Insidious In Design B1. Andy Odysee - Provocateur B2. Andy Odysee - Status Anxiety OdyseeRecordings · ODY012Ruthless:InsidiousTeaser

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  • Willow - Workshop 30

    Willow - Workshop 30

    Willow is back with an incredible trademark cut on Workshop. Consisting of four elegant and warm cuts of purist House. Willow really is one of the best! TIP! Label: Workshop Cat No: WORKSHOP030 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House Release Date: 6th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Squirrel City A2. Phoebe B1. Sexuall B2. Strawberry Moon Willow · Workshop 30

  • Dubbing Sun - Hail Jah / Evilman

    Dubbing Sun - Hail Jah / Evilman

    Label: Moonshine Recordings Cat No: MS060 Format: Olive Green Marbled Coloured 10" Vinyl Genre: Dubstep Release Date: 30th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Dubbing Sun - Hail Jah B1. Dubbing Sun - Evilman Moonshine Recordings · MS060 - Dubbing Sun - Hail Jah / Evilman

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  • Mungo's Hi Fi - Antidote

    Mungo's Hi Fi - Antidote

    Label: Scotch Bonnet Records Cat No: SCOBLP015 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Dub Release Date: 13th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Time Traveller A2. NHS 24 Dub A3. Intravenous Dub A4. Escape From The City A5. Pulsating Dub B1. Miracle Cure B2. Murky Dub B3. Epic Fail B4. Border Patrol B5. Birds OF Pleasure Mungo's Hi Fi · Antidote

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  • Hebbe & J:Kenzo - Up Town Dub EP

    Hebbe & J:Kenzo - Up Town Dub EP

    Two new heavyweight dubstep cuts from Hebbe plus a weighty J:Kenzo remix.  DJ support from: Alix Perez, Caspa, Sir Hiss, Distance, Sicaria Sound, N-Type, ENiGMA Dubz, ALXZNDR + many more. Label: Duploc Cat No: DUPLOC044 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Dubstep Release Date: 20th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hebbe - Up Town Dub B1. Hebbe - RSNT B2. Hebbe - Up Town Dub (J:Kenzo remix) duploc.com · Hebbe - Up Town Dub (J:Kenzo remix) [DUPLOC044]

  • Various Artists - GA Posse

    Various Artists - GA Posse

    Label: Green Arrow Cat No: GA05 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Reggae / Dub Release Date: 23rd July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Green Arrow Posse - Release The Chains ft Prince Malachi A2. Green Arrow Posse - Version B1. Jahno - Discomix

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  • TOHT / User Only - TOHT-001

    TOHT / User Only - TOHT-001

    New label TOHT - features two tracks from TOHT and User Only (Mat Carter & Stu Dun) that touch on early 90's intelligent techno and UR tracks like 'Base Camp Alpha 808' Label: TOHT Cat No: TOHT-001 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Techno / Tribal Released: 20th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. TOHT - Charas B2. User Only - Breathe TOHT · Charas TOHT001 tohtmusic@bandcamp.com TOHT · Breathe TOHT001 tohtmusic@bandcamp.com

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  • Delano Smith - Deeper Fundamentals 2

    Delano Smith - Deeper Fundamentals 2

    New from Detroit house pioneer Delano Smith. Label: MixMode Recordings Cat No: MM-015 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: House / Techno Released: 8th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Twisted Dreams B1. Anything B2. Constant

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  • HDB - Edits From The Big Bend

    HDB - Edits From The Big Bend

    The fifth release from the mysterious ‘Edits From’ series… HDB concocts 4 downtempo countrydisco-dubs equally applicable to a West Texas sunset as they are a Balearic sunrise. Every release thus far has sold out, this one will too Label: Edits From Cat No: EF005 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Disco / Funk / Boogie / Edits Released: 27th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Paris, TX A2. Thunder Dance B1. Gonzo Land B2. Feel The Fire (HDB Megadub) Rhythm Section INTL · Edits From The Big Bend EP Preview [EF005]

  • Alfredo Romero - Bottle Job EP (W/ Interplanetary Criminal Remix)

    Alfredo Romero - Bottle Job EP (W/ Interplanetary Criminal Remix)

    Alfredo Romero returns to Dansu Discs with four original UKG and Dubwise inspired cuts plus a solid remix from the man Interplanetary Criminal. Ace! Label: Dansu Discs Cat No: DSD027 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: UK Garage Released: 20th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Wan More A2. Man Man A3. Raspect B1. Raspect (Interplanetary Criminal remix) B2. Pet Nat Dansu Discs · [DSD027] Alfredo Romero - Bottle Job EP(Includes remix from Interplanetary Criminal)

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  • XVARR - Transitional Being

    XVARR - Transitional Being

    Transitional Being reveals another side of XVARR’s production palette — characteristically trance-inducing, this release highlights the transformational potential of dance music. Label: Aural Medium Cat No: AM-02 Format: 12" Vinyl in Screen printed and hand-stamped disco sleeves. Genre: Techno / Electro / Trance / Ambient Released: 9th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Running Out of Time  A2. Contemplation  A3. Transitional Being  B1. The Crooked Path B2. Apex B3. Universal XVARR · Transitional Being

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  • Joy Orbison - Still Slipping Vol. 1

    Joy Orbison - Still Slipping Vol. 1

    Label: XL Recordings Cat No: XL1188LP Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: House / UK Garage / Downtempo / Bass Released: 13th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. W/ Dad & Frankie A2. Sparko Feat. Herron A3. Swag W/ Kav Feat. Bathe & James Massiah A4. Better Feat. Léa Sen A5. Bernard? A6. Runnersz A7. 'Rraine Feat. Edna B1. Glorious Amateurs B2. S Gets Jaded B3. Froth Sipping B4. Layer 6 B5. In Drink B6. Playground Feat. Goya Gumbani B7. Born Slipping Feat. Tyson

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  • Various Artists - Ghost Phone 005

    Various Artists - Ghost Phone 005

    Those unknown calls keep on coming. Not to worry though, this isn't someone trying to scam you out of your bank details. Ghost Phone have got another set of killer R&B edits on the line. Don't let these be just another missed call. PICK UP! Label: Ghost Phone Cat No: GHSTPHN005 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: R&B / Edits Released: 18th August 2021 Tracklist: A1. Hotline A2. Come Over B1. Hit Diff B2. Blame Ghost Phone · GHOST PHONE 005 - V/A

  • Feloneezy - Axis to Axis EP

    Feloneezy - Axis to Axis EP

    Episode 4 of the Baroque Sunburst saga features Belgrade Ambassador Zarko Komar - aka Feloneezy - whose personal and intimate Uptempo production-style has previously found a home on Hyperdub. "Axis to Axis" is a four-tracker that goes hard on resampling, blending Jungle and Juke with field recordings. The EP captures us in a hypnotic psychedelia, lubricated by moments of Dub and Jazz, with the unexpected fragments of vocals interrupting to drag the listener back to Earth. Label: Baroque Sunburst Cat No: BSUN004 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Drum & Bass / Jungle / Footwork Released: 18th Augu...

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  • Ferg Ireland Trio - Volume II

    Ferg Ireland Trio - Volume II

    The second drop from Ferg Ireland and his heavy duty trio. Volume II finds Ireland (bass), Nathaniel Facey (sax) and James Maddren (drums) channelling the great chordless trios of Sonny Rollins. The trio sound authoritative whilst playing the proverbial out of a New Cross related blues -- cat-like on 'Mel's Mood' and stately on the serene 'When You Know'. Most of the tracks on this record were first takes and have an immediacy that allows Ireland's assured compositions to take unexpected directions. In the case of Lips, these boil over into a spontaneous furor on the outro, the faders left ...

  • Ferg Ireland Trio - Volume I

    Ferg Ireland Trio - Volume I

    Birthed from informal sessions in South London around 2013; the Ferg Ireland Trio combines three of the UK’s most exciting musicians. The trio is a vehicle for Ireland to consolidate his influences and explore the Sax/Bass/Drums format with an alchemical blend of intense spiritual jazz, broken beat flavours, angular swing and playful conversations. Label: Mondegreen Cat No: MNDGRN001 Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz Released: June 18th 2021 Tracklist: A1. Stay Broke B1. Confession A Mondegreen · Ferg Ireland Trio - Volume I